Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Tim Hoodie Sighting and a Few More Pics...

There were very few clouds last night, so the sunset was totally different. This sailboat had stored it's sails and was coming in for the night across the sunset sky.

There was a sighting of a Tim Holtz hoodie in the marina. The sunset really made my hair look red!

And boy was I glad I packed some socks!!! Down there on the waterfront at that time of day is really a bit chilly.
The kid who runs the Boat Cruises wanted to take our picture....Bill hates getting his picture taken. BUT, this one turned out pretty nice. At least I liked it. And you can even see that he's smiling.

The garden and fountains in the back of the Inn are a great place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine in the evening. And they have snacks every afternoon around the bar at 4. Seems like all we do is eat and shop......what a life.

The Walk Away shops are right behind the Inn and a brand new Cheesecake shop just opened. They were out taking pictures in the gardens.
Just a few more flowers from the area. They are so fabulous this time of year.

Well, we leave sometime tomorrow. I've done my best to help the economy. I have more Beads, Earrings, Art Supplies and canvases, a T-shirt for Bill that has an ugly fish on it and says "Crappy Attitude" (get it?), candy, scrapbook papers, a garden ornament, a silk flower arrangement, and I may shop on the way home.

It's been fun showing you some of the sites. I hope if you get the chance, you will go up and visit. It is a wonderful place to relax....and it was 67 degrees today.....absolutely PERFECT sky blue weather.

One last dinner and a sunset........breakfast in the morning.....and we'll be off.



Helen said...

I have loved looking at your pictures. Want a Tim hoodie!!!

SusanK said...

Took my vacation through you vicariously. A cup of java and your blog - a calming peace washed over me as I admired your photos. A bit of tranquility even if it didn't last too long. Eating, sleeping, bad a vacation can it be?!?!? LOL TFS!

Lori said...

I can see you're living the life you've imagined..rofl...great pics, love the sunset pic, perfect. Eating and shopping, a perfect combo...oh, look at that, my word verification is funny you being near the water and all..

Glen said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog Linda. I have returned to enjoy more of your beautiful photos and I love the TH hoodie! *Ü* Safe trip home and enjoy your goodies. ~Glen~

Hels Sheridan said...

I NEEEED a hoody like that one...what a BRILL idea... I do, honestly, I neeeed one like NOW!! Better watch out... I may have to swim across the pond, drag my soggy bod from the water and snaffle the hoody right off yer back hun ROFL Have a fabbylicious time xx