Thursday, April 1, 2010

Word Stick Earrings

Had some fun playing with the Birdcage Die over the weekend using it on several different surfaces. Here I added Tiara Stickles to make it glitzy!

The Word Stick earrings were really fun to make. I punched a hole using the 2 hole screw punch to add a chain link from the Link Chain.

To add the link, hold both sides with the 2 pliers, and open pulling one to the front and one to the back . This keeps the integrity of the shape of the link. Then just roll it back after you add your beads.

The beads are on an eye pin, and I used a wrap to make the loop. You could add Alcohol Ink to the Word Stick or Acrylic paint in the word itself to add color if you choose.

Enjoy the day...the move went really well...we're sore all over, but glad it had no Whammies!


Lori said...

Ooooo, love those earrings! Isn't that bird cage fab? love it! Glad the move went well, with no WHAMMIES!

Wanda H said...

Nice!!! You are so creative!!! Glad the move went well!!