Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

So much going on here and in my head. But here are a few things I'd like to share with you.....

Busy Betty in California has asked if I'd consider mailing her a GrungeBoard Wallet kit. I had a couple other people asking, so I did some research today.

After a trip to the local Post Office, I found the GB will fit nicely into the small Flat Rate box that ships anywhere in the US for $4.95!

So.....Betty can have her kit sent out by the end of the week. She's getting the kit for $30. With the kit, you can make one wallet and have a choice of the 2 different flowers. Then use the pattern to make more!!! If the other gals that asked about these are interested, email me. cain81@mtco.com You know who you are.
These things are sooooo easy once you figure it out, you could make several for Christmas gifts. Always fun. The girls from Sat. have plans to make several to hold Gift Cards and one will take it clubbing...with ID and some cash. (Mom was there, so she already knows...didn't compromise her here.)

Whatever works..............

Next, we think of making cute or flowery things for girls gifts. But sometimes the boys get overlooked. So I came up with a bracelet designed for the teenage boy in your lives.

This is GrungeBoard and a HitchFastener. Simple, but kind of rugged for the Teen Set...I bounced it of my teenage Grandkids 15 and 17!!!! Ha! Loved them! They can make them at Thanksgiving when they come down!
The girls want them, too.

Moving right along.....the class for this Saturday at Prairie Art Stamps has only a couple of seats left. Kits are made and we're ready to go. If you have put off calling, I suggest you call now. We had 19 show up for 16 seats the last time!

I'm just sayin'.......