Thursday, November 19, 2009

UPDATE!!! Wanda's Request

Hey, bloggers!

Busy day, planning, putting down carpeting in the sunroom for winter, kitting, etc, etc, etc.

And Wanda H. my dear friend from Iowa, who writes a great blog with WONDERFUL projects, (check it out) wants to know how to make the Grungeboard Bracelets!!!
I thought they were pretty easy and the GKs could make them when they come down for Thanksgiving.

Anybody else want to know how to do them????.....if so, maybe I can get to that tonight or tomorrow after I have time to sit down!!!

Check out your GB supplies, run and get some if you don't have some and pick up some Hitch Fasteners from Idea-ology. That and your inks are about all you will need!

Oh, I also used Tim's long brads and the washers...just to let you know. And a spray fixative to seal.

Back later with the scoop!

Here we go......

This is just a strip of Grungeboard for the base about 1" wide.The length is up to the wrist size plus about an inch to overlap at closure.

Then take a strip about an 3/4" wide: cut lengthwise into 3 strips leaving about 1/2 an inch at the end uncut.

Distress ink and stamp. Make sure to get the sides inked. Then braid. Hold the one cut end together with a brad. Finish cutting the other end and braid this end. Hold with a brad.

Now you add this to the bracelet using the existing brads, and Tim's washers on the back to stabilize. Make sure you BEND the bracelet as you go or it will buckle. Add more brads starting in the middle and work your way out.

Clip the ends of base bracelet with a Zutter 1/2"corner rounder, punch a large hole on one end and clip at 3, 6, and 9 so the hole won't tear and use a small hole on the other end to add a hitch fastener.

Spray with a sealer of your choice. I used Super Seal by Creative Imaginations.

That's it in a took more instructions than I thought it would.....any ?, just email me.

Have Fun...Create ART


Sarah said...

Linda, I think I have the bracelets figured out but would love to have some guidance before I mess one up! I had the grandkids in mind when I saw your bracelets!

Elaine A said...

Linda -

Would love to know how to make them. Greatly appreciat your posting info for us.

Thanks - Elaine Allen

Scrapthat said...

I get all your instructions for the bracelet-I've done one without the braiding before but this looks sooo much better (BIG thanks...but could you show the back where the washers are Linda please??)
Thanks again for the instructions!