Sunday, August 9, 2009

GrungePaper and Cuttlebug

Had to shop a bit yesterday and picked up the Cuttlebug Astericks die cuts. I thought they were flowers!!!

I was going to take the new Idea-ology stuff to show at class today, but the adorable little tin the Film Strips come in looked just right for a flower.

Here's the layered up flower on Grungepaper, with Distress Inks in many layers and colors, and then the new Distress Stickles Rock Candy!!! Whoo! Hoo!!!

Fun in the sun....It's finally hot in the Midwest.

Have a great day.....and Create ART!'

UPDATE: The Pearl is KaiserCraft-Mango. Should have told you..LOVE their rhinestones and many colors. Thanks Melissa for all of them.


Susan said...

This flower is darling! I love the look of the Rock Candy and can't wait to get my hands on some.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Linda how you amaze me you are one very talented Cookie.Imagine the four of us together Jvo you ,me and dear Kelsey trouble but alot of fun I reackon LOL

Lisa V said...

Too stinking cute! Now you have to use the actual film strip......and I can't wait to see what you do!!

Wanda H said...

Looks great!!!!

Erin Glee said...

The tins didn't look very big, so this must be a real cutie! Why are little things cute? Well, they just are...
If you don't have a home for the film strip, you can send it my way (heehee)!

Eva said...

WOW....this is STUNNING!!!!

Penci said...

Love the flower and how clever to see something ordinary in a different image! I too, would probably see a flower in an asterick.
What are you talking about finally got hot? I've been dealing with 107-109 degrees farenheit all freakin' summer here in central texas. Wanna trade places!

Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous! And love the colors you used. I do need that rock candy, don't I???

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! absolutely fantastic!

inge said...

Hello ,

i love tiny stuff, so your flower is my kind of things I love !


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Wow!!! This is such a very lovely flower. Love it!!!