Sunday, August 9, 2009

What a FUN class!!!!

***********************Are these guys good or WHAT?????? Jen, Elainia, Angel, and Deb.


Susan's and Sheila's. Not everyone likes their picture we have their ART.


And our student who brought a friend...she's 35 wks. pregnant....Malika!
I think I got these all right. I know we put a lot of thought into them together. But I think this was my favorite class ever! Because they all were sooooo different, and yet they all started with the same things.
We all scrounged through the boxes of "junk" for collage treasures. And they ended up TERRIFIC! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED every one of them!!!!!
I think we all had a great time....thanks to everyone....
See you next time....3 classes Margaret and the students have requested are in the works! Whatever MT wants....

Kitting up for next weekend in Davenport!


Wanda H said...

They do all look wonderful!!! Next weekend is going to be sooo fun... if I can get rid of this cold and cough (sigh)

Eva said...

WOW...these are all soo gorgeous!

wendy vecchi said...

GREAT job girls!!
They look awesome!