Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Missing in Action

I really haven't forgotten how to blog, but life has been a bit hectic here lately. Seems the DH hurt his back and we've been going for x-rays and chiro visits, then all the other back to the surgeon for the revisit. Blah, blah, blah.....Storms and patching the son's brand new pool after the high winds flipped his trampoline on top of if.....5000 gallons of water standing there without the ring of air that's supposed to hold it up!!!!! SCARY!!!

Everyday life in the Midwest during the summer!!! You gotta love it!

So, here's a bit of a house book from Maya Road that's going to be in the class. Don't you just love that cute paper! But the white pen marks really made it soooo much brighter. And you don't have to be able to make a perfect circle, it looks better when you don't. HA!

Good news on the journals....they've sold 6 of 8. Not bad for a beginner. I really would like to go up there to Galena and shop for the day. But the Mississippi is not being very kind to the river communities. Mud is running through my SIL garage in Rapids City. And the kids in Moline had a river running under the basement door and down the steps to their garage....nothing compared to Keithsburg, Burlington, or Cedar Rapids, but not any fun either.

That's all for tonight. As Tigger would say....TTFN.....Ta Ta For Now!



Wendy said...

I here by appoint you...
GREAT work...What lucky girls getting a class!!

Beth Norman said...

Love the houses!! I'm sorry to hear about all the flooding.

Scrapthat said...

Very nice work Linda!! I hope DH's back gets better soon!
BTW CONGRATULATIONS!! (If you haven't checked out Tim's blog you should ;0) )