Thursday, July 22, 2010

SPOOLS!!!!! So cool!

First of all, I did NOT come up with this idea. Julie Van Oosten from Australia and Collections owner, has this totally cool video on her blog Nirvana showing how to make these beauties. I made them in anticipation of having things to load into Tim's new Configurations...whew..very cool items!

I used Tim's outrageous Lost and Found papers, and one of his Salvage Stickers. The heart Charm is colored with Terra Cotta Alcohol Ink. But the rest are just punched circles of paper on top of chipboard scraps.


Just follow Julie's video, which shows her using her Spool Kit. Which, if you really want fun, order it! I've ordered from her, and her chipboard cutouts, stamps, papers, etc, are absolutely WONDERFUL. Must get my order ready!


But, as I've told you before, I am not patient, and ordering from Australia wouldn't come until after CHA. And I needed something to do today. I tripped in the driveway, and fell splat on my left hand, and twisted an ankle....and you wonder why my husband sweats when I go somewhere alone....


So, ice bag on my ankle, and told to "sit for awhile", the garden cleanup went on hold. (I knew I shouldn't have even started.)


Better now, but, I could see my CHA trip flying before my eyes with a trip to Prompt Care....I will stay away from the garden. I figured I'd get stung by a bee or something...not fall!

Go check out the blog. Order, or make some yourself. You won't be sorry. And CREATE ART!


Sherry Cheever said...

OMG you sound like me. My husband moved a rake the other day, after he told me to stop walking, for fear that I would step on it and hit my face.

You will be at CHA . . . WOO HOO! Maybe we can finally meet. I'll be there too!

Lori said...

These are really spectacular! Love the salvage sticker, I think I have some of those! Would be great with Wendy's new art parts too, and a little closer to order, I suppose. But these really are fantastic.

Lori said...

Oh, I forgot, hope your foot and ankle are better! That stinks, and so close to CHA! Yikes!

Wanda H said...

Way cool!!! On my way to check out the video!!

Jennie said...

Linda, love the spools.. must be on all our minds this week, as I did a spool "thing" this week too! Will pop over to Julie's in a while. As for tripping, don't even go there! me I could fall over air if it was put in my way!!!lol Thank god , you didn't break anything... rest up and have a great CHA.. wishing I was coming..
Hugs x

Helen said...

Those videos are a hoot!. Love the spools, what a great idea. Hope your ankle doesn't stop you enjoying CHA (as if!) have a great time.

SusanK said...

omg - just love these! gotta get out some of mine and see what I can do. thanks for the share and hope your body parts get better real soon!

Tracy Evans said...

Those spools are so so so cool, I love them, the decoration on each works perfectly. Tracy Evans x

Etta said...

And, just how fun are these! Love them!