Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Class and Jewelry Making-UPDATE and Giveaway!

Hey, everybody!!! Are you ready for all the new stuff to sneak out from CHA??? UPDATE!!!! You MUST go see Cheryl's new molds from Ten Seconds Studios....OH, they are beyond cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out-and there's a giveaway.

Well, go over to Tim's blog and drool! Awesome stuff, way cool. Check it out! And the Creative Imagination blog is putting up stuff, too!

Next on the agenda, I've been asked to teach the Vintage Desk Organizer in Peoria at Scrapadoodle!!!! So click on the side bar to see what's happening.

Then I promised to show you the things I got from Galena and Door County to make earrings. I only dabble in jewelry making for fun, so don't expect too much!!!!

I got the findings and stones in Door County, but they are Vintaj. LOVE the green and amber colored stones.
I did not make these, but I had to have them. I purchased these at Vintaj Earth in downtown Galena. Love what they did with the blanks. You, too can do this easily.
And the stones here are from Galena Beads. Do you see a pattern here with colors....yeah, I see it, too. Fond of brown and blue.

I really gravitate to Dragon Flies, too.

OH, another color combo! This is an ankle bracelet I put together and some Vintaj earrings. Again, I LOVE the stones with the swirls. Look like agates, but I've no clue really.
So enjoy the day, and CREATE ART, in any form you love.


Lori said...

Serious drool material here! Love the brown and blue combo, too! Positively scrummy!

Kathy Eddy said...

These are great! I love those colors together too and tend to buy them a lot with the addition of some earthy green.



Wanda H said...

All beautiful!!! I "gravitate" towards dragonflies too... and butterflies!!!

Barb said...

Found the link to your blog on Suze Weinbergs, and I'm hooked. Can't believe what I'm seeing and reading. I was JUST at Galena beads, I was JUST in Door County. Can't wait to read and see more, and hopefully attend a class sometime. You can't be that far away!