Monday, April 5, 2021

The Sun is Shining-Steampunk Gears

Hi Everyone!!!!!

I've been the lucky recipient of several wonderful products lately and I'm thrilled to see how they work so well together to create great project. Being on the Retro Cafe Art Gallery DT brings all sorts of great masonite cuts, and since she works with both Mitform Castings and Finnabair, almost all these products can be found on her site here. Links are at the end, so check them out.

Having said that, I'll give you some tips on creating this project. This starts with a large gear of masonite from Retro Cafe Art Gallery as a substrate. I used black gesso to prime it, and then added a layer of Golden Dragon Effect Paste. This is what adds the sheen with bits of foil. Then I stenciled on the stars using the Blue Opal Jewel Texture Paste. Lastly, I stenciled the gorgeous Crushed Amber Texture Paste onto the center using the Oriental Wall stencil.

I loved using the Effect/Rust Pastes on the 2 sizes of Gears, Assembly, and Corner from Mitform. These are wonderful when it comes to detail. 

The Stars and Moon are made with resin in Finnabair moulds as well as the Wings and a gear. They are decorated with Metallic Flakes from Finnabair. It's a simple step of brushing on Gilding Glue, letting it dry, and then adding the metal foil. 

Rust Effect Pastes and some paint create the vintage layer to the Mitform pieces. My favorites are the Clock Hands.....just saying. The metallic flakes are so amazing on the resin pieces. They have a different shine when you turn them in the light. 

Métallique Paints add some contrast and shadows to the stars, wings, and large flower under the moon. I think it now looks to be a Sun. But that's just me. The green and purple spots are pieces of foil in the Golden Dragon paste.

So this just shows you how 3 different groups of products can work to create a fantastic outcome. I love it when the plan comes together. Check out the different links below at Retro Cafe Art Gallery for 

Stay Safe. Be Well.

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Product Links:
Finnabair Products 
                            Patina Effect Paste Set/Rust Paste, Effect Paste-Golden Dragon, Effects Paste/Rust Paste
                            -Powder Blue and Purple
Art Alchemy  -   Metallique Paints-Stormy Ocean, Steampunk Copper, Gold Amber, Rustic Brown
Moulds    -          Nocturnal Elements, Cogs and Wings   
Stencils   -           Oriental Wall, Stars
Art Basics  -        3D Matte Gel, Heavy Black Gesso
Retro Cafe Art- Mixed Media Creative surface Board - Gear Style 2
                            Amazing Casting Resin Kit - Quick Cure

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