Friday, July 29, 2016

An Altered ATC Box for RCAG

I like to take small things and build them up into larger things.

I really wanted to be an architect growing up, but a male
teacher dashed my ambitions and told me I'd have better luck
being a grease monkey. 

Boy would I like to see him today! Ha!

Anyway, this is several pieces all glued together to make
a rather elaborate ATC Box from

Here we go!

I painted the box pieces with Heavy Black Gesso, and the Relics
and Artifacts pieces with Heavy White Gesso. 

I used paper clay and an IOD mould to create an emblem,
 and then let it dry over the egg.

Using a stencil and Opal Magic Paints, I sponged the colors
onto all 4 sides of the box. I wanted a blue and gold combination
with the blue only on the front. I made it splotchy to keep it in
the background and not take over the piece.

These paints blow me away every time I use them. They are
just plain magical.

The egg and topper were painted with Metalliques as well as the paper
 mould piece.The egg has 2 colors of red and a purple to shade.

Here's a Tip: some people ask me, "do you ever just 
make something and not like it?"

YES! I painted the top white, then added paints, hated it, painted
it black, added opal magics, hated that, and took it to the sink and
soaked it, scrubbed it and picked the paint out of the crevasses
until it was completely clean.

Then I started all over again to get the results you see here....
never give up, and don't quit! 

 The German Dresden on the left has black gesso on it. See the
difference in the one the right without it?

This is the back with the cool German Dresden. The piece on the 
back of the Imperial Egg base is cut apart from the Victorian
Dresden and painted with ArtAlchemy Paints.

Now this is the "piece de resistance". I used German Dresden around 
the topper and another piece cut from the Gold Fancy Victorian
Decorations Dresden that I painted.

The small Rhinestone chain goes around the topper. 

The red paints are used on the inside of the box, and the outside
edges are painted black for contrast.

The leftover piece of the German Dresden goes on the 
front of the mould to add just a bit more interest.

And the larger Rhinestone chain goes around the egg.

I used an unfinished wood candlestick as the base. I painted it
with Metalliques too, and added more rhinestone chain. 

It's all put together with 3D Matte Gel and some jeweler's 
glue around the topper. 

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts, I'm always
ready to help.

Your Friend in ART,


Products Used from RCAG:
IOD Mould-I used Baroque 3, but you could use Baroque 4 as well
ArtAlchemy Paints-Metalliques - Rusty Red, Royal Red, Deep Waters, Dark Velvet, Ancient Coin, and Brass Hardware.
ArtAlchemy Paints-Opal Magics - Violet/Gold and Yellow/Blue.


KOLOROWY ptak said...

Stunning!! I love this idea!

Debby said...

Amazing as always! You had a bad teacher growing up and that is sad. You are great at assemblage and would have been a great architect!

Unknown said...

You just blow me away! This is spectacular!

Kim Collister Studio said...

Love everything about this Linda! Great use of the candle stick!! Fantastic ATC box💖

Kathy Bradley said...

What a gorgeous piece, Linda! I love the colors, moulds and Dresdens you used - it really is totally wonderful! And, thanks for sharing your steps!!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

This box is so amazing!!! I love how you added the egg, and the Dresden is perfect! So brilliant!