Monday, June 3, 2013

Mixed Media House Ornament

 Hey everybody....having a great summer out there?

Well it's been raining for 2 days here, so you know what that means! Time in the Studio to Create ART!

  This House Ornament is from Retro Cafe Art Gallery and it's just too stinkin' cute!

Comes flat, as most of you know, and you paint, stamp, or whatever, then glue it together with a tiny bit of glue.

I like to base coat with Snowflake Fresco Paint from PaperArtsy then add color. I used several blues here for the top.

I used the Otomotohole Stencil and Grunge Paste to add the 5 circles along the sides. When dry, I painted the middle section with Antique Bronze Metallic Distress Paint.

The gorgeous stamps on top and bottom are from Prima Hello Pastel Cling Mount Set. I added a bit of the Bronze and some Guacamole paint as high-lights.

The door and other red pieces are painted with Blood Orange Fresco Paint and have Pen dots plus Rubons. There's a large Rubon in the middle section that shows through the door windows.

Paint the 2 pieces you removed initially from the house, white, and put them back in the holes to make the rubons show up better behind the door and transom window.

Since this is intended to be an ornament, it has a hole in the top of the house that is perfect for the Mechanicals Roses and Brad.

The base is another piece of Masonite I had left over from I painted it green, and added the Brown Script Washi Tape.

The Limelight translucent paint went over the stamped area at the bottom, but did not cover up the image. THAT'S  the beauty of Fresco Paints!

The little pieces you pop out of the windows are painted white and have either rubons or pen dots on them....never throw anything away!

The copper star and flowers at the base complete the ensemble!

The door adds thickness to the house, but I used a triangular piece of leftover Masonite that worked well to prop the piece up and let it stand on the oval base. (You can see the 2 pieces I replaced after painting them white here.)
You could also cut a piece of cardboard or chipboard and glue to the back without using the oval.

Whatever works....or display it on a small easel.

Take care, and any questions I'll try to answer from your comments or just email me here.

And check out the WINNER - Deb Moon of the Gift Certificate!!!

Products Used from Retro Cafe Art: 


sam21ski said...

Oh wow Linda, this is fab, love your door!!!

Sam xxx

Julie Steed said...

Great project! What a perfect way to spend a rainy day.

Theresa said...

This is fantastic! I love love love the colors!

Ria Gall said...

Hi Linda
well I think we all want it to rain more so we can see some more of your wonderful crafting. this is a great piece and the colours are just fabby, love it

ionabunny said...

Fantasic. Such a fun and crazy piece

Beth Norman said...

Lovely, lovely work. You are always so creative.

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

This is so fantastic! I love the way you transformed the ornament!!! So clever. So colorful. So awesome! xoxo

Lori said...

Another awesome piece, Linda! Love it!

Sandy said...

Love it Linda!

Kay Wallace said...

What a grand--and I do mean GRAND--piece of art, Linda! Love all the detail. I always marvel at how you take random bits and baubles and create such a cohesive piece! Way to go!

Sue from Oregon said...

Linda-I am loving these pretty colors and all the zillions of little details you add to your creations! Wonderful creation!

Marjie Kemper said...

What a fun whimsical house! Love these bright colors, especially how you did the door. You and Alison are convincing me I *need* grunge paste.

butterfly said...

Such a fabulous, fairytale cottage! Could've sworn I was already signed up, but I guess not - sorted it out now!!
Alison x