Monday, April 1, 2013

Prize Package and Room Update DONE!

We heard from Susan Killam out prize winner and I'll get that package out tomorrow.
The Theatre and other charms and stars from Retro Cafe Art, and Graphic 45 plus Tim Holtz pieces to add to the fun.
Good luck and let us see what you make Susan!
Well it's been an exciting week with the room update. We tore down wallpaper in the dining room, and resurfaced the walls so they could be painted. All the contractors here were 3 weeks out to come and do it, and I don't wait well. So, we took it on ourselves.
No more of that!
Anyway, it's done and Bill did a terrific job on the walls. They look great and I couldn't be happier.
The worst part is, of course, hoping you get the colors of paint you THINK you picked when they're actually on the wall and dry.
Luckily, I did! He, of course is always thrilled when that it hasn't always been the case.
They're not exactly true here, as they're both browns...kind of look a bit green, but they're not. The back left corner is the truest.
As you can see, my dining room is not to eat in exactly, it's where I put our piano and several of my paintings.
I didn't paint the large one in the center, but the rest are mine.
We're really glad it 's it's time to open up the sunporch and enjoy the Spring sunshine.
Be Well everyone!


Elaine A said...

I loved how it turned out Linda. Everything looks so pretty.


Helen said...

What a room! Well done you two. And I do have visions of you dining in style, whilst a pianist plays for you...!!!

Lori said...

Love the color! It does look a bit green, but pics can be that way. I bet you're REALLY glad it's done! Whoop!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

The room looks great Linda! Nice job! Now get some rest :). xoxo

Kathy Eddy said...

it looks beautiful from here Linda!

Vic said...

Lovely room.

Michelle Webb said...

A wonderful prize that! Love it. Oh Linda I love your "dining" room, it's beautiful and the piano is gorgeous. Your pictures on the wall look amazing, you are one talented lady. I love the paint, its a lovely light room. Michelle x

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

So exciting, Linda! Thanks so much. :) Your dining room is lovely! You and your husband are brave to take the wallpaper job on by yourselves, although I understand about waiting. We have a wallpaper'd hallway and I hate it so much but am wary of the glue underneath. How did you refinish the surface before painting?

Thanks again!

Kay Wallace said...

Your new "music" room is must gorgeous, Linda! Great eye for color and the result is impressive!