Thursday, October 25, 2012

Retail Therapy

I've been a bad blogger, but it's really a busy time around here.
So, here's a little shot from my phone from yesterday's shopping trip.

Cute little Nutcracker I found that fits perfectly on the Christmas Emporium piece.
And now I'm prepping for more classes.
The Morton HS Marching Band (Jeff's Band) went and won the Class AA title at St. Louis Bands of America...Morton is on the 50 yard line.
Quite an impressive shot of awards ceremony. So proud of everyone!
This one is Bob and Jeff with the box of goodies...the new uniforms are amazing!!!!
These shots I snagged from someone who was there.
Classes in Bloomington were really fun. Got to see old friends I've really missed. Will get to see more old friends in Moline on Nov. 3rd.
Miss Emma is having bilateral strabismus Eye Surgery we're hoping this is going to make a real difference in the way her little eyes see.
All will be better...for sure!

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