Thursday, May 17, 2012

UPDATE-A Few Upgrades Around the Studio-Mesh Organizer No.

Bill and I work well together.

 I wanted to move all my wooden stamps from around my desks to a "behind the door" unit.

So yesterday we went looking for lumber. We were going to build it out of Oak, but having checked the location for studs...always in the wrong place....

we opted for a lighter wood, Pine.

I tell him what I'd like, he designs, WE build.

I make a good assistant......I don't ask many questions, and I always know where the pencil it!

It's in my shirt pocket!

I never imagined a 60"x30" unit would fill up so fast. We were going to make it 72", but I thought..."nah, 60's big enough."

Live and learn. I've given away or stored a lot of my wood mount stamps, so these are my favorites.

Some have sentimental memories...the little girl top middle was on my 1st Row House Class.

Then I set out to drag all the paints, and glitters, sprays, and embossing powders out into the daylight.

This is where I used to keep the wood mounts, now all my products are right in front of me!!!

Three different areas to work, 3 different craft sheets to keep the place clean.

This is what started it cling mount stamps were out of wack. NEEDED some better way to hold them.

Went to Staples and got a great wire rack ($21) that's strong enough to hold up my Tim and Dylan stamps.

I've got several other sets in binders, but I wanted them ON MY WORK STATION!

And now they ARE!


And I didn't know how popular this mesh organizer would here's a better picture and the item number from Staples for you. 39459. It's wide and heavy enough to hold these stamps!


My other little collection of goodies...many thanks to Ranger for the products I've accumulated from various Designers Challenges and such.

New stickers on the Vagabond came the other day with the new Keys to keep us out of trouble.

Good idea there, I need all the help I can get.

Have a great weekend......2 graduations for us here, Ann with her Masters and Alex breaking out of High School and on to Augustana!

So proud of everyone, it's a team effort!!!



inkypinkycraft said...

A great room, stacked full of yummy goodies, would love tom come and play! Hugs trace x

Bella said...

I love the fact that your paints and products are all on view. I find I use stuff more if it is visible. Love the colours too.

Helen said...

Great organising and teamwork!! I have lots of my stuff on view too,but it's more jumbled than yours (and on my floor... where I work!)
have a great weekend, with the graduations.

Hels Sheridan said...

WOW Linda, I am sooooo peeled paint at all that heavenly storage!! You are so clever the two of you... how fab that you have all your fave goodies right there in front of you, no rummaging in a drawer that might not have them in there (oooh, yep, that's me lol ) ENJOY!! xx

SusanK said...

What great ideas! I need to let some stuff go and quit hoarding. But there's no place around here that will take my collection. Sigh. Will have to check into that Staples wire rack to see if it would work in my space.

Marjie Kemper said...

It looks fantastic, Linda! I've been keeping my most used sets out of the binders too after seeing how Dyan rifles through hers... so much easier to find when they're right under your nose. Love love LOVE your new stamp unit!

mrich2500 said...

Gotta love a man who gets your passion! I'm lucky to be married to one like that also:) Great storage ideas...I may have to switch all my TH/Dylusions/Stucio 490 stamps out like that...thanks for the ideas ;)

Marijane said...

Wow am I JEALOUS!!! To have all that space for a wonderful workroom and a man that can make shelves and storage "stuff"... PRICELESS! I love how you have all your beautifully colored paints, inks and sprays out for all to see. They not only make gorgeous room decorations but they are quick and easy to grab. I'm planning to use your cling stamp storage idea. All mine are in binders and they are sometimes hard to find so putting my most used in vertical file holders would make that so much easier. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Love these Linda - they are awesome and great use of space/storage in the studio. Might have to get my hubby (also a woodworker) busy! thanks for sharing!

Debby said...

Drooling over your studio! Thanks for the info on the rack. May have to venture to Staples for that! Love your wooden shelves!! You and Bill did a great job. Congrats to your family on the graduations!

Mo said...

You both did an awesome job! A studio couldn't look anymore inviting. You offered a bunch of great ideas. Now, I'm wondering if I could borrow Bill for a bit for a stamp unit. I know he'll love Seattle.

Linda Cain said...

You have no idea how much Bill loves it out there. He'd live there if he could. Spent time in the area while in the Navy.

Be Well,

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

What a lovely organised space, lovely to create in. You both did a fabulous job creating a wonderful space for creativity. Tracy x

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

LOve the new organisation! now where is my hubby? LOL have to see if those wire oragnisers are here in the UK... my stamps are all over the place!! Have a great weekend, and p.s. why don't you join in with What's On yOur Workdesk ? we would love to have you there..(link on my blog)

ellen vargo said...

Hey Linda - LOVE your workspace! The idea of using file organizers to hold up cling mounted stamps - BRILLIANT! I've been pondering a re-organization in my studio, too - may be stealing a few of your ideas. Hope all is well for you. Ellen xxx

Wanda H said...

Looks fabulous!!! It is nice to have everything within reach!!! Our oldest son is graduation high school this year... we had his open house this afternoon.

Super Earthling said...

Wow, what wonderful ideas! So happy I discovered your blog, Linda! :D


Candy C said...

Wow Linda!!! Your new craft room looks fantastic!!! I love all the cubbies, shelves, etc. So practical and yet so "artsy" at the same time. You'll be gathering lots of inspiration just from seeing those stamps and colors! :) <3 Candy