Monday, May 14, 2012

Creepy Card & Full Disclosure-No Bar Code Here

If you find desecrating vintage cabinet cards bad, as I usually do, then you'll not want to look at this post.

So proceed at your own risk with warning!

I think most pictures, especially with children are too wonderful to actually paint on the original.

But here, this guy wasn't going to enhance anything of mine anytime soon, and I figured my dear Granddaughter, Brittany the Ghost Hunter, would like to see him "enhanced" for her 21st Birthday Card.

I was advised that a card with a BAR CODE would be unacceptable for this birthday!

Brit likes creepy things. She's been to New Orleans for conferences and had seen spirits since she was very young.

She's a Ghost Hunter, as a hobby, with friends.

So with that being said, she's not a ghoul, but she could be!

This is the end product....kinda looks like a Witch Doctor from New Orleans....

I got my inspiration from the vintage photos of Circus performers. Creepy...really hated the circus as a kid. Some were really ghouly looking in all their makeup.

This is a photo copy of the original. Nice enough looking guy, right?

Strange that his beard is so much longer on the right....I don't know.

The studio is Mosher in Chicago since 1875.

I painted on some acrylic paints and let them run here and there.

Black markers and a Dylusion Stamp at the bottom were used to highlight.

A few Birds from Tim around the person of interest, and a bit of a Headdress with a Charm adorn the gentleman's pate.

A Charm Clip is used for an Earring.

I painted a frame with acrylic paint, and washed over it with a black glaze.

The Skull and Crossbones had some Pitch Black  Alcohol Ink added and Silver Metallic Mixative makes the eyes shine.

A few upholstery tacks in the corners help round out the frame.

Fun don't turn 21 every day, ya know. It's got to be somewhat special!

Big Hugs proud of you and all you've accomplished!

The world is your oyster!



Kathyk said...

FABBBBBBB! Bet she'll love it - have to say it's a huge improvement on the guy with the wonky beard!!!


Sherry Cheever said...

Oh wow . . . fabulous transformation! No bar code . . . she has to LOVE it!!

Marijane said...

Now you are what I'd call a really cooooooooool Grandma!

Kathie said...

I love how he turned out!! Fabulous card!

Kathie said...

I love him!! Fabulous card

Maria said...

INCREDIBLE Linda! She will LOVE it!

Liesbeth Fidder said...

He is wonderful... !! So creepy !! :-D

Karen Conner said...

Boy-you have an imagination! While I wouldn't make one exactly like this-I love the whole technique & idea of using an old black & white photo. Really smart! The additions you've made are so cool. She's going to love the card!

Marjie Kemper said...

Surely she will love this guy! You have decked him out in high fashion... love all the adornment. The hair is killer!

Debby said...

That is an amazing card. I do like the "after " picture way better. Great job. My husband loves that show Ghosthunters on the Scyfi channel.

Charlene E. said...

That is so different from your usual. My daughter would like this also.