Monday, December 19, 2011

A Snowman, a Tissue Paper Flower & a Bell

So many Ranger Products here....and some fun ephemera I've picked up along the way.

Remember when we used to make flowers out of Kleenex???  It's the same principle. Fold the tissue paper accordion style. Then bind in the middle and fan out to make the flower.

I put layers of Distress Stain-Fired Brick, Distress Ink-Fired Brick, Crushed Olive Distress Stickles, and Gold Stickles on the Tissue Paper and let it dry before folding.

The bell is on the wire that holds the flower together.

The Metal Foil Tape is used for the trim at the bottom. Tim's new Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative Strip Die - Vintage Lace is AMAZING!

You get 7 trimmings with each run. Pretty Cool!

I added the Metal Foil Tape to some dark cardstock. Then Die Cut the Holiday Lamppost Holly Leaves. Add a layer of dark cardstock behind the leaves to add shadow.

Use Pesto Alcohol Ink and Sharpie markers to make them green.

The little Snowman is so cute. I found him at Hobby Lobby as well as the Gold Tinsel Trim.

I originally had this snowman on the tag.

Nice sunny day picked up the gold really well....

I'd photographed, edited, sized, you know....the whole enchilada!

Then I looked at this snowman and something seemed to be inherently WRONG with him....



Really, I still cannot for the life of me, figure out his anatomy.

So I tore him off the tag...and added a different one, but I thought later, you might find him at least a bit amusing. So here he is.

One picture taken on the porch in sunlight, and the other under the Ott Light with indirect sun.
Straight-on shot doesn't show the sparkle like the angle shot in the previous post.

Enjoy and Create ART!

Have a great Holiday Season whatever you celebrate.



Art By Wanda said...

Love the tag, Linda!! It looks to me like the snowman is jumping over a bit snowball, leap-frog style.

newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

Linda love your tag the snowman is so cute and yes it looks like he's trying to balance on a snowball or jump over --maybe he's doing aerobics LOL. Merry Christmas

Elaine A said...

Linda -

LOVE how this turned out. It is so pretty. And regarding your other snowman. I agree with Wanda and Marilyn, it took a while, but yes, it looks as if he is leapfrogging over a snowball - LOL!

Elaine Allen

Pam Perry said...

Great tag - wonderful use of those bright colors! The other girls seem to be right - the "other" snowman is leaping over a snowball. Maybe if you hit that bottom snowball with some light blue to highlight, you can use him somewhere else. He is adorable, and so happy!!

Lori said...

Love it! The snowman is CUTE! Yep, leap frogging a snowball, that's it! lol! That flower is great too!

Candy C said...

Beautiful tag, Linda!! I Love the tissue flower with the jingle bell center and the gold edges! How cute is THAT? Love your background as well. SOOO pretty!!! <3 Candy

Shelly Hickox said...

You have been busy! This is fantastic!

Susan said...

Love this tag, Linda! I think the little snowman is sitting on top of a snowball! Both are cute.

ann said...

This tag is just so colourful and gorgeous, I love how you combine colours together !!

kate blue said...

love all the techniques and love the color choices even more! and as far as the snowman is concerned; he's got "different abilities!"

Marijane said...

The colors on these last two days of tags have blown me away... I just LOVE them. Both the snowmen tags are darling but the best part is the flower. In the days when weddings didn't cost $50,000, we used to decorate the newlywed's car with the Kleenex flowers you mentioned! (Seems like the marriages lasted longer back then too, probably for a variety of reasons!) Thanks for the blast of color!

Beth Norman said...

Your tag is gorgeous. What a beautiful tissue flower. I never knew tissue flowers could look so outstanding. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Unknown said...

That strange snow man is jumping over a snow ball! Darling tag!