Sunday, September 12, 2010

Experiment Results

Earlier I told you I was experimenting with Texture Fades, Metal, and Alcohol Inks. It's really fun what you can do.

This is a canvas board that I added Shabby Shutters Crackle paint all over edges.

Then smushed some Distress Inks in when it was dry. Interestingly, I had put Distress Inks around the edges months ago and left it. Then, when I added Crackle this time, it picked up the brown DI color and added a cool affect to the Crackle. Leeched the color right up!

The Texture Fade Pumpkin Patch from Tim on Spiced Rum Ten Seconds Studio metal was good. The background is Rock Star Black, and Halloween Words. I cut out pieces from the Halloween Paper in the Seasonal Paper Stash. But what to add for more fun?????

Try painting with Alcohol Inks! I used Lettuce here to add the cornstalks. Just practice a bit to know how the ink will react and you're good to go. Sorry about the shadow at the bottom.

Here is a different angle. Sand off the Appletini Green metal and ADD the color to the silver areas. Blend in different colors of Alcohol Inks for shaded results.

Here's our busy class yesterday. All the containers were painted and we were well on our way to cutting and gluing!

Big thanks to Terri and the Fabulous Staff at Prairie ART Stamps. They think of everything, and it was smooth as glass!!!!!

Good times and everyone was happy! Love the time spent there, and speaking of spent!!!! They did some great shopping, too! They have all kinds of "hard to find" Art Products there. Just ask all the girls who left with big sacks of "Happy Stuff."

Be Well!


Linda Elbourne said...

I LOVE Halloween ... not a big thing here sadly ... but I LOVE it all the same! And I LOVE this ... especially that border ... simply gorgeous!

Linda Elbourne said...

How funny ... I was out visiting you while you were visiting me :0) Good job we were only in Blogland!!!

Lori said...

Love the canvas! The different metals and techniques go very well together! Very cool look painting with the AI's. Class looks great! Oh, my security word is undwre. Looks like underwire minus a few letters...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, beautifully brilliant! Love your creativity and results. Great job.
Vicki B in OP NY

Susan said...


SusanK said...

Haven't had the pleasure of working with Ten Seconds Metal...yet. Looks like a lot of fun! It's always fun shopping at PAS!

Oxana said...

Stunning creation!!! Love it!

Lynn Stevens said...

ohhh this looks like fun!!!!