Monday, June 7, 2010

Tim's Texture Plates and Vintaj Brass

Keep in mind, I'm no jewelry maker. I dabble in it like I do way too many other things. But this is such a cool technique, I had to show it to you.

This Altered Brass Blank from Vintaj was run through the Cuttlebug with Tim's new and fabulous Texture Plate Bingo. I still can't believe that stuff embosses through the machine. Amazing!!!!

Then you use Alcohol Inks to color the debossed area. Sand off and that's it.

The other pieces from Vintaj are Curving Fern, Bead Caps Blossom, Ornate chain, Woodland Leaf, and rivets. Of course you have the green beads, jump rings, and eye pins, too.

This was really a fun project. But I'm much better at stamping, in my opinion. Like most things, it just takes practice. And better eyes!!!!

On another interesting note, we had at least 3 tornadoes rip through the area the other night. Lost power for a tiny bit. But no damage to us. The poor Artists out at the Junction City Art show weathered it pretty well. It was such a change on Sunday when we went. Great show and did buy a few baubles. Bill saw some of the damage today when he went to breakfast with friends. We were very lucky.

And I had a couple of questions on previous blog entries. The "stuff" above and below the picture in the LO called TJ and Me is trim I bought down in Missouri at Sherry's shop.

And Jan wanted to know if there were any other layering books out there I'd recommend....yes, "Delight in the Details" by Lisa Pace is fabulous. You will learn sooooooo much from her wonderful book about many different things to use in collage and paper arts. She is the Queen of Glitter.

And did you know, you can actually get dark pink nail polish out of your Berber carpet if you immediately soak it with Blending Solution? Yes, it's true. No one need know HOW the polish got onto my carpet.....and the kids are in Disneyworld so I can't blame them!!!!

So get on line, or go to your local bead shop and order some terrific stuff from Vintaj and don't forget to get your fabulous new Texture Plates. Do your part to get the economy back up and running!!!!!



2amscrapper said...

This is why I love coming here. I have that texture plate and would not have thought to use just one number and make a beautiful necklace with it. You are so creative!

Two Dog Pond said...

I love this necklace - I can't believe you can run Vintaj metal through your Cuttlebug. Can I come over and play?

Wanda H said...

Linda, you are fabulous at everything you share on your blog!!!! I love the jewelry!!!

Lori said...

Now there's a class if ever I've seen one! lol Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I love the curling fern. Will have to get some of that Vintag metal for sure, now.

Lynn Stevens said...

Youu could have fooled me, Can you say AWESOME!!!!! Your jewelry is FAB!