Thursday, April 15, 2010

Packing Up and Ready to Go!

Tomorrow we're hitting the bricks for the Quad Cities. A bit of shopping, teaching a couple of classes at Scrapaganza (still a few spots left they say) and hanging out with relatives and friends on the river.

We're getting the yard mowed today (poor Bill has owed 4 times now!) and the yard art out in the garden. My daughter gave me these really cool solar lights that are beautiful at night with the crystal reflections! LOVE them and went and got more.

Easily amused.

This is last years picture of the Columbine....the blue one is one of my faves.

Got our tomato plants yesterday and 2 for Emma. Last year when she was just 4, she kept seeing the Topsy Turvy commercial and telling her dad that she wanted them and they were "only $19.95. Must be 18 to order."

How many 4 year olds ask for tomato planters????? But she LOVES tomatoes, so Poppie bought her 2.

The Flowering crab trees will be at their best while we're gone. So the neighbors can enjoy them. They should be great this year with all the rain.

Everyone have a great weekend....we're starting early tomorrow. Might even get back to Antique Archeology and take some never know.

I'll try to remember to take pictures of the class and the river!!!!

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Deb Smith said...

Have a great weekend. We have our class here tomorrow night and then head back Saturday am.