Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Beautiful Day

Is this a gorgeous picture of the blooming Crab Apple Trees along the Mississippi River or what????? WOW. They are all along the riverfront and just beginning to bloom. I thought I would miss the best of my 2 at home, but I'll be seeing them here instead.

Dropped by Scrapaganza today to leave a few things. THE WALLET CLASS IS FULL!!! There are only a couple of spots left in the Tool Caddy class in the afternoon.

Had the BEST pizza in the world at Frank's. It truly is one of our favorite spots and has been for years. No one can even come close to this pizza back in our little town.

Back to the river motel and the balcony to enjoy the view of the river barges and a few brave (or foolish) souls on the river that is still full of junk and pretty high. We are staying right next to the Dry Stack that we kept our boat at for many years.

So Bill can keep an eye on the operations from our balcony. He loves it. I know WE would NOT be in that river at this date....way too many trees still floating along.

I'll take pictures of the class tomorrow....come back and see the projects....Lori and her sister are too cute to miss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!

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Two Dog Pond said...

Beautiful flowering trees! Staying right on the river, and - shopping and crafting! You must be in heaven!