Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great Day-Antiques at the Pickers!

Just a sampling of the vintage finds and reproductions I got yesterday on our Road Trip.

Yesterday was a really fun day. Got to have lunch with my Sister and Brother-in-law and then visit with the girls at Scrapaganza. Dropped off some samples of the classes for next Saturday. What a terrific shop they have...and lots of new stuff all over the place!

Then we went Antiquing and shopping in LeClair Iowa. Picked up a few cool little things down on the river.

AND went to the famous home of "The Pickers." If you watch the History channel, these guys go all around and get antiques, fix them up, and then sell them to dealers on American Pickers. Mike was in town so it was really interesting to listen to him talk about some of their adventures.

They were working on an old bicycle at the time. A really cool lamp was in the office that will be on an upcoming show. I found some small tin-types for sale and snatched them up.
Then to top off the day, we had dinner with Micki, Carlo, Brit and Alex at Los Agaves. Really good time there.........of course the kids HAD to have them sing to me while I wore the Mexican hat. (Had to be at least 10 of the waiters and staff) But the desert they brought was worth it! The kids took pics to put up on facebook of me in the hat....I've yet to see them. whew!

And just as the day was ending, we got home and there was another "box of goodies" to play with.

Life is Good!

Thanks for all the Facebook, emails and comments on the blog wishing me a Happy Birthday. I was overwhelmed!


Lori said...

Oh crap. I don't think I mentioned Happy Birthday in my comment on your birthday post, so...Happy Belated Birthday! That is so cool you got to meet Mike, we watch that show every week and keep meaning to take a drive out there and find their shop. Awesome! Sounds like a great day!

Two Dog Pond said...

What a great Birthday Adventure!!! Is this your 29th?