Friday, April 9, 2010

Good Morning World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm another day older but not deeper in have to be old to know what that's from!!!!!!!!!! Grandkids won't get it!

No pictures today....we're off for a Road Trip to shop, eat, see the kids, and stop into Scrapaganza in Davenport Iowa where I'll be teaching next weekend!

For a real treat, go visit Tim's over on the right....he's has 4, yes 4 videos on how to use his new Alterations dies!!!

Have a great day....I know we will!


Val said...

I guess I am old then -I remember!
Have a great road trip.

Sherry Cheever said...

BWAHAHAHAHA then I guess I'm as old as those 16 tons you loaded!

Elaine A said...

You are not old Linda! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a grand day!

Elaine Allen

Lori said...

Have a great trip, can't wait till next Saturday, I assume Scrapaganza will have a class list supply sheet up pretty soon? Although I pretty much know what I need to

Anonymous said...

Was going to call you my friend to wish you a happy B-day but don't want to interrupt family time. Hope you have a great day. Will let you know how things go on the trip.


Kathy Eddy said...

Have a wonderful birthday! I love that song. I remember my Dad playing the old album when I was just a small girl and I would sing along. Now I will be singing it all day.

Wanda H said...

You had a birthday didn't you... Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I do know that song, lol... I love his voice, I can hear it ringing in my head now. Have fun!!!!