Thursday, February 11, 2010

Metal and the NEW Kabukas

I just got some of the new colors of metal from Ten Seconds Studio and NEW MOLDS!!!!!! This is Big Daddy 7 on the top...LOVE this one, and Kabuka 8 on the bottom.

They are sooooooooooooooo cool!!!! They really outdid themselves this time!!!

You have to go to the site and check them all out. But here is a piece I made with a couple of them. I combined the molds to show you the versatility of them.

I used a paper mache box and metallic acrylic paints to give contrast to the Br-rr Blue Metal.

Different styles on the same piece gives a random look. The bottom one reminds me of an antique city street's just me.

So, go check them out....get out the plastic or go to your LSS and ask them to order these for you.

You'll LOVE them!!!
Create Something!
PS. Peggy asked a ? the other day in a comment, but I have no email to tell her...Yes, I've given classes in making the houses in Missouri and Illinois. Actually one of my first classes. This thing is BIG for the header, but we made 3 smaller ones in a frame for the class.
Would be fun to update and give again.....maybe.


Lori said...

This is way cool! I'm having a hard time keeping my budget under control with all this new stuff. Choices will have to be made. Who needs groceries? I hear you can live a couple of weeks just on water if you have to. I love the Brr blue, I think it's my fave color right now, but haven't seen the new ones in person. Would you be willing to share the brand of metallic acrylics you use? That color looks awesome. A house class would be GREAT! Especially for those of us that haven't taken it, lol.

Hels said...

Loving this creation is Brrr-illiant!!! Cannot wait to get the new molds...they all look amazing! x

MrsETaylor said...

Another gorgeous piece Linda. I really love this one.

Elaine A said...

Great piece Linda! It really came out beautifully. Beautiful art!

Elaine Allen

Two Dog Pond said...

It's beautiful, Linda!! Just went and spent a couple hours watching the TSS videos. They are Great!!

2amscrapper said...

Love this piece, Linda!

Wanda H said...

Awesome box!!! I love that you put a piece on top of the handle!!!

Suze Weinberg said...

freakin' brilliant !!! You ROCK...ROCK...ROCK !

Lisa V said...

LOVE this!! What a super cute box! Where's the handle from??? Can't wait to try that one. :)