Friday, November 27, 2009

Creative Grandkids or WHAT!? And Dolly's bracelets

Have I told you how talented my GKs are?????? And we have so much fun when they are here.

Brit made this headband, but she wouldn't let me take a full picture of her, bad hair after hours of shopping! See the TSS metal butterflies on the Basic Grey ribbon? TOO COOL! Her design!

Alex's bracelet is the Black and White one with the lace ties, Erin's has the spinner, Brit made the tin with Ten Second Studio metal and Alcohol Inks, and the other bracelets for friends are hers, too.

I show you the backs of the bracelets because we had to enlarge them for boys, and we used a strip of GP in a loop on one, and a hinge of GB on the other.

Then this email arrived from mattmars showing 3 bracelets done with great texture!!! Thanks Dolly!

I made up three of the grunge board bracelets in different colors for my nieces and my nephew....I have to fix the red one...thought I had caught the grunge enough to get away with it but I guess not LOL That's okay...more playing with ink :)Thought I would send you a peek.

Don't you LOVE them???

I had a fun day Wednesday......decided to try sewing some more Grungepaper. That was fun until I pushed too hard and ended up with the needle in the end of my fingernail!!!!

Yes, you know how you react when someone hits something with their car and they say they "hit the gas instead of the brake somehow?" And you say, "yeah, right, who does that?"

I'm here to tell you, you panic. I thought the way to get the needle out of my finger was to hit the footfeed. Guess what? It wasn't all the way DOWN yet. went even deeper. Amazingly, it was fine. Really, it bled, but no pain after a few times on the ice.

And the funny thing, I had sooooo much blue and red ink on my fingers that I thought I had put the needle all the way through. There was red ink on the bottom in a blotchy pattern.

So I was just relieved to know I didn't put it all the way through.....

Such a blessing.

Be well, and hope you all had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

We did. Pretty much!


Scrapthat said...

I'm intrigued by the hairband! You have some very creative GKs there! (runs in the family eh?!)
Thank you for the compliment of posting my bracelets what a surprise to find them here! They were super fun to do to...thanks for the inspiration and the instruction :)
I don't think you could find a quicker Christmas gift to make so long as you don't mind getting a little inky...and I don't! Thanks again.

Timothy said...

Oh, Linda... ouch!!!! I'm in pain just thinking about it. I do hope it's really ok and heals quickly. Yes, your gks are very talented... but should we be surprised - you are their Grandma!!!