Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Christmas Card to You!

Thanks to everyone who comes to visit, and especially those who take the time to leave a comment. They are like gold to bloggers! This is a Christmas card I sent to my friend Wendy....see her stamp at the top and bottom?

But before I mailed it off, I hung it on my tree for a pretty nice picture of my tree. So this is my card to all my bloggers friends.

Be well, be good to each other.....and for my wintry friends ....stay warm!

Your Friend in ART,



Linda Lynch said...

Thank you for the beautiful card! You do such gorgeous work. Merry Christmas and we are getting 8 more inches of snow tomorrow after 45" in the last ten days. It is gorgeous, but enough already!

Kim H. said...

This is just gorgeous! Merry Christmas Linda! Hope the Holiday brings peace, joy, and love to you and your family!

missy j said...

Merry Christmas!
Beautiful card.

Scrapthat said...

Merry Christmas to you also Linda!!
Gorgeous card!
May you receive a ton of inspiration!

Two Dog Pond said...

Merry Christmas Linda! Thank you for all the inspiration you've provided - you are truly amazing.

Gretz said...

Lucky Wendy :-)

Hope your Christmas is a good one!