Friday, August 8, 2008


OK, here's some answers to a few questions.
The stump is a compressed piece of paper in the form of a fat pencil. You use it to impress the softer metal into the hard plastic molds. It's the grey thingy in the picture.

The colored plastic in the background are just a smattering of the molds you use to impress the metal into for your designs. The combinations are endless. And the black tools are decorative things you can use on the harder metal if you choose to get into that, and some can be used on the soft. But that's up to you.
The class will have all kinds of molds to use and the paper stumps will be provided. All you really need to bring is your imagination and a sanding block!!!

I promise you will come out of there thinking this was so easy to learn and it looks sooooo cool!!
And like my friend Wendy said in her blog the other's no fun talking to yourself.....leave comments!!!! We LOVE them all.


Lisa V said...

The talking to yourself isn't so bad unless you start answering yourself!! Dang, wish I could take one of your classes with the Ten Seconds Studio stuff.....maybe YOU'LL have to come to AZ, too!

Sharon said...

Yes, We must get you to Arizona ... because I really need to learn how easy this stuff is ... because it looks oooooh so cooool!!

Hey Lisa V ... are you in Phoenix too?

Gail said...

At least you girls are in the US, what chance have I got in Australia, I would love to go to one or more of your classes Linda.
I really enjoy reading your blog it is very inspiring.