Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Add-Ons to Tim's Advantus Project

This is what I added to the "make and take" from Advantus at CHA with Tim's Idea-ology pieces!!!! SOOOO fun. Using some alcohol inks on an old locker pin, and nothing on the antique key hole made the project very easy. String a few beads on eye pins and add with a jump ring.

If anyone knows where I got that terrific chain I put these on, I would love to know. Great colors. I think I bought it years ago at the Rockford convention. But I've slept since then. To those who asked about it in Chicago, I'll post the company if anyone figures it out!

Happy Trails
**Thank you soooo much Moose Ridge!!! Bonnie's Best does in fact carry a chain that looks just like mine. Art Friends are the BEST!!!!


Kim H. said...

This is so cool! I love it!

AliciaSharp said...

Linda could you not use the alcohol inks on Tim's ball chain to make it look like that one? Just a thought and I love the chain you have used! You are so amazing!!

R2artstudio said...

Love the necklace, and all those pieces and parts! I spent the afternoon making a couple of necklaces with some of the same things. I even did a little alcohol ink too. You are definitely a good influence on me. :-)

Moose Ridge said...

Bonnie (Bonnie's Best) sells some fun ball chain -- can't tell by the picture if this is hers or not... http://www.bonniesbest.com/ballchain.htm

love the art!!

Dunlap TN

Linda Cain said...

Moose Ridge!!!! Thanks sooooo much! Bonnie's Best DOES carry a chain that looks just like mine!
For those who wanted to know...go to Bonnie's Best site and click on ball chains!! WHOO! HOO!