Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jenni Bowlin

Jenni have GOT to love her stuff!!! Of course the picture did not do it justice, but the vintage bottles, labels, and baubles were wonderful, as were the people in the booth and Jenni Herself.

TLFT: Maybe you all know this, but I figure if I didn't know it, someone else might not either. Here goes: If your Crackle Paint has thickened up and gotten globby, it can be thinned with water. I did have one friend ask why it was so thick, and now I know she can thin it if needed!

There you go!

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Alicia Sharp said...

Love those tips you are passing out! I have been writing them down! I so loved Jenni, she was the sweetest!! Love her products and cannot wait to get my hands on them. Did you see the mini bingo cards? I loooovvvveeee them!