Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nasty Day in the Midwest

Know who these lovelies are? Two very cool chicks! Jennifer Perkins and Traci Bautista. What a duo. They were having a great time doing make and takes. My granddaughter loves to watch Jennifer!

Monday was NOT a good day to be in Central Illinois! At 5:40AM the sirens woke me blaring! Now, the other day, my cell woke me at 6 in my hotel room, and I was out like a ROCK! I didn't know where I was or what was ringing.

Today, I KNEW the sound was the tornado warning....but I didn't know where I was (I was actually in the guest room as DH was snoring) and I could not find the door out!!!!! It missed us, but was on the ground and very close by.

My daughter and family were hammered! No power to 180,000 people in the Quad Cities area of Illinois. 92 mph straight line winds, trees ALL OVER the place, one on their truck.....they are fine, but no power for 5 days. What do you do when there's no TV, AC, iPod, X-box, Guitar hero,etc, and 2 teens.....you go to bed. They were all asleep by 10! It's going to be a long 5 days, but many have had it much worse.

Tiny TLFT......it's not really a tip, but an interesting fact. Embossing Ink from Ranger smells good. Tim smells it every time he opens it to use it. What does it smell like? YOU TELL ME!

Take care.....and be safe,


Anonymous said...

Wow Linda! What a scary situation! Glad to hear that you and your family are safe. Can't imagine how scared I'd be!!
Stay well.
~xx Barb xx~

K Hutchinson said...

OMG!!!!! I am so glad that you are safe! NO power for 5 days is not fun- we went though that when we had a bad storm a few years back. We had so much clean up to do that we did not miss the power. We also got used to a neighborhood grill out for meals!

mmmm never smelled embossing ink from Ranger...now I have to know what it smells like!

Take care!

Alicia Sharp said...

I am so glad you and your family are OK. I would be scrapping if I had no power for 5 days! I heard the same thing at the Ranger booth so I know what it smells like! All I can say is leave it to Tim to find a better solution!

Jennifer Perkins said...

So glad I left on Sunday then, that sounds super scary! Thanks for stopping by the booth to hang out and make fun stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Last night on the way home from soccer, my 7yr old son and I were talking about tornados. He wondered if he got sucked up in one in America would he be thrown out of it and land back in Australia! Ahhh kids!

I'm sorry you were in a scary situation - glad to hear everything is ok though. No power is not fun though! We went through that last year when we had floods!

Take Care.