Friday, November 23, 2007

Puzzle Swap

Ok Girls! Got my 4 puzzle pieces done. Hope they meet the requirements for all of you. They were sure fun to work with. I had no idea what to expect. For some reason I thought they would be a lot smaller, but very glad they were not! We used Urban Couture by Basic Grey. Vintage children were the theme. Here, of course, I used Collections vintage pics.The sheet of paper I used had the big beautiful flowers that I used as my background and Gaby had the great idea to paint over them for backgrounds. It worked out well since the puzzle is very thick. I used some of the Crackle Paint from Tim Holtz for the leaves. (I know leaves aren't really blue, but I had to work that into the color scheme.) . Thanks for the invite to this swap, and I'll try to figure out how to mail them next week.....too much food and family shopping right now!
Have a great weekend!!!!


Rachel Greig said...

These look gorgeous Linda!!!

Wendy said...

Looks like 4 VERY lucky gals are getting some REALLY cool art!!
LOVE them!! Fun & different!!

Kim H. said...

These are gorgeous! Looks like some very lucky ladies in your swap!