Wednesday, March 10, 2010


***UPDATE-One of the comments said this color looked more green than blue. That is a result of the Luminarte misting and the angle of the shot. This shows the finished project on the left and the original metal on the right. The picture of the finished project is taken under an Ott light...not always good....but it's the only way I've found you can show a "metallic" affect that is very hard to photograph. If you look at the metal's more blue, at an's more green. See the color to the far left turning more green?

But, that having been said....I think the photo of original metal is too's really more turquoise. *****

This blue is truly GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have got to tell you. It's the Peacock color that Ten Seconds Studio just released.

I used a couple of new molds and the older diamond one here. Also used Lin Brown's fabulous "controlled squish" method to get out of spackling the back.


Then I sprayed with some of the new Luminarte sprays(recently bought by Creative Imaginations) and added a bit of Alcohol Inks to the raised areas. Some black acrylic paint was used in some of the recessed areas as well.

TOO MUCH FUN!!!! I put it on a square canvas and will use it for something. But I had to show you how beautiful this new color is with the gold accents.

Go Play and CREATE ART!


  1. This looks like a ton of fun! Great job! If I shopped the net you would have enabled me for sure!

  2. Just beautiful ..... love the color and the composition ...... Linda F

  3. oh, that colour is brill! I have a WIP using the controlled squish right now, just need mojo to help me finish it

  4. I SOOOO love the colour in this Linda!!! Just absolutely beautiful.

  5. This is gorgeous and that color is fantastic! Great job on it.

  6. It is gorgeous!!! Although on my screen is looks more green. Will we get to see the rest of the canvas :-))

  7. Gor-jus! Peacock Blue and Bronze God .... THE best!!

  8. Yay, love this color! That controlled squish is very fun. Love this color with the gold accents.

  9. Gorgeous color and your sample is really kewl! Love the gold accents. And the "controlled squish" would be done how??? Curious minds want to know.


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