Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vintaj, Alcohol Inks, and the Cropadile-UPDATE

UPDATE: I've had some people asking about where to buy Vintaj. On their site is a button to tell you where you can buy them...the shops in your area. They are carried by Bead Shops. That might help.

After I saw Vintaj's newsletter, I had to try my hand with the blanks~~these are all pieces of their fabulous Brass pieces.

I used Alcohol inks from Ranger and the Fillable Pen to add subtle color to the daisies to make this fun pendant.

AND Jess said the Cropadile works on the brass!!!!! And it does!!!! AMAZINGLY COOL!!!

I think we need a class here for this to share in the fun!!!!!

Have a fun day~Create Art


Linda said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I just love the vintage brass look..... Can we ever convince them to lower there minimum order??!!

Love it!


Wanda H said...

Wonderful!!! I picked up some Vintaj pieces at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago when they had them on sale but haven't done anything with them yet... bad girl :-))

Lisa V said...

Oh yes......loving this! I need some of those blanks---is there anywhere besides HL that sells them?

Jess Italia Lincoln said...

Linda thanks for sharing! We are having a great time with the blanks, crop-a-dile and riveting! More projects coming soon to our Idea Gallery. Lisa you can purchase Vintaj findings and embellishments at - the blanks and embossed pieces are in the pendants category -

Happy Designing!