Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello Minnesota-UPDATE

Here's our cabin and here is one happy guy. To be out on the water again. See the little window upstairs???? That's where I am right now overlooking the fishhouse and the lake. If he's happy, I'M Happy!

Goodnight everybody! More tomorrow.

We made it. A LONG day on the road. About 10 and a half hours. I slept a lot of the morning away!

But Bill is happy to be here. The cabin is wonderful. I have an upstairs window overlooking the lake with a game table that is great for hooking up to the web. It pulled a signal just fine. I am so easily amused.

No pictures yet, but tomorrow I'll give that a shot. Our pontoon boat is right outside the cabin!!!!

Can't wait!!!

Be well, and be good to each other.


Linda said...

Sounds wonderful, Linda! Relax and enjoy your getaway.

lotsa scrap said...

Looks like a perfect get-away! Enjoy!

Wanda H said...

Your "cabin" is beautiful!!! Have a fab week!!