Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun Day!

Erin wanted to create an art project. And here it is!!!! Erin's House! All designed by her!
She had a blast painting, gluing, and especially adding the rhinestones...a girl does need a little glitz.

My son and his wife are in the Bahamas for their 10th anniversary. The 4 grandparents are trying to keep the 2 girls busy enough to not miss mom and's a combined effort of their Aunt and Uncle, too!!!

After the trip was booked, Erin's recital for baton and pom poms got scheduled...she was a bit sad.
BUT, the 2 grandmas tried to rise to the occasion and attend. And here she is! One grandpa took her to rehearsal to see her show, and the other one stayed with the "Emster." Boy would I like to have all the $$ spent on all the costumes for studio supplies!!!!


  1. What a cutie!! She has some of her grandmother's artistic talent! Long live bling!!

  2. WOW what a wonderful family you have! I love those photos of her- she is so adorable!

  3. Great job ERIN!!! Your house looks totally awesome!

  4. Well done Erin you so talented just like your Grandma

  5. Looks like someone is having fun, and yah, your granddaughter looks like she's having fun too--LOL. How delightful that you can spend so much time together--and even enjoying your studio time together.


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