Friday, January 4, 2008

Mini Misters Holder

DH made me a holder for my Mini Misters ! Very simple, according to him and pretty crude, but it works for me. He used the drill press for the holes and I had to add some Crackle Paint and embossed metal to the sides. Getting ready for classes, and tomorrow is Wendy's classes in Bloomington. Will be great fun! Hope to see some of you should not miss these!!!

Have a great day...and create!


  1. YEA BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE it!!!
    LOVE the nameplate!!

  2. We totally copied this idea! Steve made one for me this afternoon. But it's without any adornment yet. GREAT idea, so thanks for the lift!

  3. Linda, moving on from the misters holder, if you have the acrylic dabbers get your dh to make you a stand like this for them (my lovely neighbour made me one) he made the holes so that the bottles could be inserted that way they were stored upside down and ready to go when you want to use them x

  4. You know, I bet these would sell in an Etsy shop!


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