Friday, January 4, 2008

Two Posts in One Day

I've been so taken by the beautiful images by Shirley McCutcheon for quite some time. But the layouts in the new Somerset Studio are beyond stunning. She uses such haunting images in layers that define nature and children's faces in all of her works of art. After studying them for several days, I finally got the nerve to make some transparencies of my own and put together a piece .

Couldn't have done it without the great tutorial from Shirley. I hope you like it.

Thanks for everything, Shirley, you're the Best!!!



Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Extremely beautiful!!! I will have to actually open up my magazine and look for this tutorial!

chris p

Wendy said...

VERY VERY SWEET!!! i love the depth!

jo said...

You have some gorgeous work on here! Bookmarking and will be returning:)

Valonda L. said...

This is just SO beautiful! It is amazing to me how much you are able to get done on a daily basis. Maybe someday, when the little ones are grown, I will be able to aspire to such productive creativity.
You are amazing.
Valonda L.

Shirley McCutcheon said...

Dear Linda,
You have made my day! I am honored that someone as talented as you likes my artwork, and that I have inspired you.
fond regards,

Jen Crossley said...

WOW Linda this is just so haunting just stunning.Shirley is just such a wonderful artist I love her work,I havent got the new somerset yet I cant wait

Ann said...

This is beautiful, Linda!

ginny Smallenburg said...

This is just lovely...we will have to start calling you "Lovely Linda"!

Wendy said...

I saw this beauty IN PERSON! WOW!!!
It's wonderful!!

The Artistic Spirit said...

she's great!! I want to make one.

Lori Roberts said...

Linda I always love to come on over to you blog. Your art is beautiful and it shows that you create from the heart!
Warm art wishes!

Dawn said...

Linda you have created a piece here that you should be very proud of - it is a delight to look at, I congratulate you :-)

Anonymous said...

A lovely piece Linda, and what a sweet little girl.