Monday, January 1, 2018

A Small and Colorful Triptych

Happy New Year to everyone! 

I felt like getting colorful the other day.

So I got out a cute little Triptych Shrine and my Impasto Paints to play.

 I'll take you through this project, with tips and links, that appeared in the Stampington's Somerset Studio Gallery Winter/2018 issue Spotlight. 

I laid out the shrine pieces and gave them a basecoat of Clear Gesso, then a random pattern of Impasto Paints. These paints are thick, and bright. When diluted with white paint or water, they still keep their great color.

Tip: I paint on the clear plastic sheet that the Retro Cafe Art Shrine comes in, so when you're finished, it goes in the garbage and you don't have to clean it.

I had carved some stamps earlier this year, and decided to use them around the 3 pieces.

I loaded bright white acrylic paint into my fine-tipped applicator and scribbled it on the 3 sections to break up the color.

The Rusty Gears have been painted with Patina Pastes and glued into the windows. I used a larger gear for the middle and added a Mini Knob.

I added Metallique Paints to different Mechanicals and glued in place with
Heavy Body Gel.

The Mini Steampunk Gear chipboard cut out was painted with the Brass 
Patina Paste and used behind the two end Mechanicals.

It's very easy to put this piece together with the metal jumprings and set on your desk or a shelf.

Just try it!

Your Friend in ART,


Products Used:
Shelf Shrine Triptych - Small Circle Gothic Arch
Patina Pastes
Metallique Paints - Rich Turquoise, Emerald Green, Green Olive
Mini Steampunk Gears - Chipboard Cut Outs
Clear Gesso
Impasto Paints - Jade, Heather, Green Apple, Crimson and Cobalt
Black Archival Ink
Hand Carved Stamps
Fine Line Applicator with white acrylic paint
Mechanicals - Mini Knobs, Barn Stars, Rusty Gears, Winter Trinkets,
and Vintage Snowflakes
Heavy Body Gel

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Eve Around the Bird Feeder

Had this gorgeous female Cardinal at the feeder the other day that I found out to be a Leucistic Cardinal. She was beautiful in her coloring and we were all trying to  get a good picture of her.

This is a Pied Leucistic female because she has patches of white. It is not like Albinism where the complete lack of pigment is lacking in the feathers.

We enjoyed sneaking up to the windows in the sunporch after dinner and presents on Christmas Eve.

It's going to be very, very cold for several days here, so we stocked up on goodies today for the birds.

Stay warm and be well,

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Altered Christmas Ornaments with Paper Clay

These 2 little clear plastic ornaments were really fun to decorate. I've had them on my worktable for a couple of weeks, but just found time last weekend to give them a new and improved look.

I got them at the dollar store. What a deal. The first thing I did was paint them with black gesso and make sure it dries. (do NOT try drying them with a heat me, I know)  Then I added different Finnabair ArtAlchemy paints - opal magics and metalliques to them.

The Escucheons II mould from Iron Orchid Designs and Paper Clay is added to both of them with 3D Matte Gel.  Let it dry. 

Before the clay dries, I pushed the Snowman (from Hobby Lobby) and a Rustic Tim Dimensional Star into the clay and remove them to dry.

Next I painted the clay with Metallique Paints. The Art Alchemy Waxes and Mini Art Stones were added last with Soft Gloss Gel

The Chipboard Art Scrip Word Cut -  Joy is painted with Sparks just to shine it up a bit.

This bulb was a bit simpler with just gold and royal red paint. The gold wax was added last with your finger.

Glue the little snowman and the star with Heavy Body Gel. A ribbon or gold cord can be added to hang the ornament on your tree. 

The word cut-outs from Retro Cafe Art Gallery are fun to paint up to be put in a package for a gift. 

Hope you are inspired to play and make some memorable pieces for your holidays. Let me know what you think.

Your Friend in ART,