Monday, November 13, 2017

My Garden Fairy Beauty Update

Hi everyone, it's been quite a long time between posts. I really didn't think anyone still read my blog much any more, but I had someone ask today if I'd posted this little Fairy redo here, so this is for a friend in Las Vegas.

This little statue has been my favorite for several years. She was painted with a kind of brown/taupe paint that had begun to peel, her wing broke off when an over-exuberant dog knocked her over, and her foot was gone. 

After scrubbing her up and gluing her wing back on with Heavy Body Gel, I decided to try to mold a new foot for her with paper clay. I had to wrap it more around her leg to prevent it from coming off again, but it's better than no foot at all. 

First I painted her with acrylic paint Italian Sage. Not for outdoors, but I liked the color. I'd worry about that later. Then I started to add the Blue and Green Patina Effects Pastes to various areas. I didn't cover her completely, but the base was pretty much all over color.

Then I added some of the Brown Rust Effects Paste to tone down the colors. A wash of brown also added some age.

Here you can see her new little foot and the shine of the Brass that is added last.

I didn't add the wash to the Fairy herself. Very little of the patinas were used on her skin. But her dress and cap had more color to create contrast. Check out the links for the Finnabair products from Prima.

I will seal her if she ever goes back in the garden in the Spring, but somehow I think she's found a home here in my Studio. 

She makes me smile and gives me a sense of peace.

Be well, and be good to each other,

Your Friend in ART,



mamablitger said...

Linda she is the most adorable little fairy And you did an awesome job restoring her. Fabulous colors you chose, lovely texture. And the the little foot you modelled is just looking fantastic. You are so talented !! Thenk you so MUCH for sharing your gorgeous art. You are always such an inspiration to me
Hugs from Monica

Beth Norman said...

Your work is amazing. I subscribe so I get every post you do. It might not seem like anyone reads blogs because we just get lazy in leaving comments. Please don't stop blogging.

Unknown said...

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