Monday, June 26, 2017

A Simple Altered Project

I LOVE to work with vintage photos and this project is now one of my favorites.

Having said that, it's truly one of the easiest and quickest ones I have ever made.

I used a bit of Jade and Cobalt Impasto paints to start here , but they are almost completely covered up with the next steps.

Next I added the Mint Green and Blue Patina Pastes, and then some the Rust Pastes.

I apply the pastes with an old brush.

The last layer is the gorgeous Brass Patina Paste to the raised textures.

I add water to the Mica Powders to create an amazing metallic paint.

I applied two colors to this Medium Baroque chipboard  frame from Retro Cafe Art.

Glue the picture to the frame and layer onto the box. I leveled off some of the high points of the texture, and added a piece of chipboard to the back of the picture.

I like using Heavy Body Gel that is thick enough to level the frame.

Add a tiny Pink Paper Rose with a touch of Blue Glitter and it's perfect.

Simple, with maybe a bit of elegance. Always hard for me to do since I really love to keep going.....and going.... and going. 

Stop when you want, or keep going! It's completely up to you.

Your Friend in ART,


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