Friday, September 2, 2016

Embossed Metal Butterfly Shrine

Hi everyone, it's time for another project for 
and today I'm using the 
Large Divine Antiquity Shrine Kit.

I started by painting the large butterfly from Relics and Artifacts with Heavy Black Gesso.

Then I actually used a pick to roll or lay the Opal Magic paints onto the surface. The colors are brilliant and change with the direction of the light.

Dots were added with the paints as well as some Art Stones in the wing cavities.

The antennae were covered with micro beads I had strung on tiny wire and wrapped around. The ends have a larger tear-shaped crystal. Beads and glass glitter fill the body cavity and another bead creates the head.

I used metal foil tape. You can buy this at the hardware store in the duct work section. Craft companies have also sold it.

I use an embossing folder to make the pattern in the metal. You can see the shiny metal on the left, then the metal with the black gesso on it, and when nearly dry, you wipe it off leaving just the paint in the recessed areas.

The last step is on the right, where you can see I add Inka Gold waxes in layers to give some parts color.

Then the metal is cut into pieces resembling tiles to add to the front of the shrine.

The Gothic stencil was used on the inside of the shrine with Opal Magic paint.

Strips of the metal (not cut into tiles) were added to the outsides.

I painted the back of the shrine with the Opal Magics in  strips of color. Parts of  the front were completed with them, too.

When dry, you can stamp to your hearts content with Black Archival Inks. It shows up perfectly.

The base is stenciled with the Latticework stencil and Opal Magic paints of various colors.

I drilled a hole through the shrine for the butterfly to stand on and glued into place.

That's about can glue it all together with a bit of white glue when you're happy with the sections.

Let us know what you think!

Your Friend in ART,


Products from Retro Cafe Art Gallery:

ArtAlchemy Paints Opal Magics - Aqua/Rose, Yellow/Blue, Blue/Gold, Violet/Green, Pink/Blue, Rose/ Gold, and Violet/Blue
Micro Beads - Copper
Stencil - Latticework and Gothic
Inka Gold - Hydrangea, Copper, Gold and Turquoise

Other Products Used:
Beads and Wire
Metal Foil Tape
Embossing Folders
Embossing Machine
Jet Black Archival Ink


Kim Collister said...

Super Fabulous post and Shrine Linda! Love your idea on the tiles, something I will have to try!

Jackie P Neal said...

Absolute stunner Linda!!!
I too, want to try those tiles- so clever of you! xx

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

So gorgeous Linda! The tiles are AMAZING!!! xoxo

Linda M. Cain said...

Thx so much Kim. ❤️

Linda M. Cain said...

Give it a go , Jackie!

Chrissy said...

AMAZING! Simply amazing! You have absolutely inspired me to start using my metal sheets again. What a beautiful piece.

Sue Marrazzo said...

So NICE to see this work! It is so special!

kt said...

Ok, I've become addicted to your site. I'm on a 2 day binge now lol. You are AMAZING!
Your friend in love and light,