Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Watercolor Journal Page for Michelle

Hello my friends, I've been playing with my first love
in my long artistic life...watercolors!

This is on a page from the new Finnabair

You can remove pages by untying the 3 denim strings, create your
page on your worktable, and then put it back into the book.

Easy peasy.

I broke out my Yarka Watercolor set from 
St. Petersburg, Russia.  It has a TREMENDOUS
amount of pigment that gives you a brilliant depth
of color with very little water.

I use the paints as a wash, but really like to load up the color
and have heavy pigmented areas as well. I love to outline 
 areas with black pen to make the colors pop.

Some of the 7x9 inch pages in the journal are watercolor paper, 
which gave me the urge to paint again.

I added Heavy Black Gesso with the Harlequin Stencil and
the circles with white pen using the Bubble Stencil from Finnabair.

I used pencils, pens, and markers for added effect
in this Modern Art style page.

And yes, it really is that vibrant, the red/violet is very
deep, but you can get wonderful subtle colors as well.

My daughter suffers from Fibromyalgia that creates a burning
pain all the time leaving her sapped of energy,
 melted into a puddle. 

This is a tribute to her strength to get up every day, go to work,
and do what she does, even though in the center of if all
she feels burned out. I'm so proud of her.

Hope you're inspired to Create.



Karenliz Henderson said...

WOW Linda this is a stunning page. I love the colors.

Athanasia said...

Wow, I'm impressed!!! Brilliant!!!

Anonymous said...


A Pink said...

I really can't find the words to express how much I LOVE this page, Linda. It is absolutely outstanding and 'frameworthy' imho .
A superb depiction of fibro.
It speaks volumes to me - on many levels .
Thank you for sharing your creativity and artistic talent x

hugs x

Francine Perri said...

I love this Linda I too suffer from fibromyalgia it is a horrible disease I feel for your daughter your painting is very appropriate the red reminds me of the burning pain and always tired feeling we have thanks so much. Francine

Linda O'Connor said...

Wow is about all I can say.

chris a said...

so beautiful and expressive - somehow you have been able to create a visual impression of her pain. just brilliant!

SusanK said...

O-h m-y s-t-a-r-s! Your art has come to life in a most spectacular way! This is over-the-top gorgeous!!!

teri reed said...

I agree with Pink, can't find the proper words to express how much I love this layout too. It's absolutely stunning to say the least. You are a remarkable artist, mother and art sister!!! Thank you so much for sharing your art with all of us❣❣❣❣❣

Lizzy Hill said...

Sensational..... I thought of volcanoes when I first saw it. The depth of colours is AMAZING for watercolours. Gobsmackingly so! And I really like those diamond shapes, too:):) Good on your girl. That must be awful. She must be very strong willed!

Linda DesGroseilliers said...

Just stunning!!!

kt said...

Wow, this is gorgeous. A fantastic tribute to your daughter, what strength she must possess.
Yours in love and light,