Friday, April 8, 2016

A Vintage Age-Old Journal Cover

Hello everyone!

I had soooooo much fun decorating the cover of my 
Finnabair Journal
with a bunch of the new products.

You will be amazed at what you can do with a few layers. I think it looks like something you unearthed at a dig sight.....maybe. 

I hope you'll follow along and get some inspiration to play. And don't forget
to jump over and see all the great tutorials on the 

I removed the cover off by gently separating the rings just enough to pull off the cover.

The new Moulds/Molds, (spelling based on where you live I guess) from
Iron Orchids Designs at Prima, were used to make several
pieces with black low-temp hot glue.

I painted the cover with Heavy Black Gesso and glued 2 pieces to the 
cover with 3D Matte Gel. 

Then I painted all around the molded pieces with Gold Rush . Next, I added a 
mixture of Steampunk Copper and Texture Powder on top in several spots.

This creates the rough, vintage plaster texture.

I decided I wanted more texture in the background, so I used 3D Gloss Gel and
the Lattice Stencil on the corners.

If I was any kind of a planner, this probably would've been better
as a step BEFORE gluing down the mold pieces. :)

You can see the 2 different colors create an aged gold patina.

Then I started adding more color with some Turquoise Inka Gold and 
Metallique Paints.

The foreground shows the Violet/Green Opal Magic brushed onto the stenciled area. 

I just went crazy with all the Opal Magic paints. They are too wonderful for words
when applied to a black background. Check them all out. 

I also added White Crackle Paste around the molded pieces and sprinkled 
Mini Art Stones and Art Stones on top while still wet. 

You can see here that I've started adding more color to the molds with paints and 
Mica Powders+Water Sprays.

Layers, and layers, and more layers.

I dropped Walnut Inks around the edges and into the stones so it seeps into
the Crackle Paste cracks.

I sprayed Walnut Ink and added water to tone it down, and then blotted it off.

This corner shows the brilliance of the many Opal Magic Paints I used on the 
Black Gesso and Stenciled areas, as well as more Mica Spraying with Blue, Bottle GreenPurple, and Copper in water.

The last layer is Black India Ink that created great contrast.

This is a detail shot of the Art Stones and the wonderful shine of the Mica Paints and Sprays.

The lower right corner is the knob closure with lots of yummy layers of color.

Each way you turn it, you get a different shine of Mica color. This shows the great
Copper color and slight tinges of purple.

I honestly wish I could tell you exactly how that occurred, but I would be guessing.
I think it's where the Purple and Black Cherry Mica Spray ran together.

This is just one more angle with the colors and contrast from the India Ink.

The Walnut Ink really aged the White Crackle Paste and seeped down into the
cracks for a bit of color.

I hope you've enjoyed this. I know I did.

 I really broke out all the sprays and Opal Magics to just add color everywhere with abandon.

Create Art!


Opal Magics Used:


Linda DesGroseilliers said...

Fabulous, Linda!

Mary Luxa said...

Absolutely incredible! I learn so much from you...thank you for sharing your art!

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Linda, I want to run my fingertips over this amazing cover, to feel all that fabulous texture you achieved.
The glue sticks, must they be low temperature. I don't own a hot glue gun any more but interested in buying one. Cannot seem to source black low tempt sticks.

Linda M. Cain said...

I know. The low temp black is hard to find. This was from years ago at a convention. Sorry the vendor no longer exists.

Анастасия Блондинка said...


Linda said...

This is fantastic!