Monday, May 18, 2015

Journey Treasure Box

Hi to everyone! It's my turn on the 

I love every little piece of this project. It's so totally what I love to make.

It's Vintage, and it's Metal and Paint. What more could you ask for???

I started with a plain white slider box - 3x5 inches - that I found in my stash.

I wanted to create a framed vintage picture in a large metal Mechanical. So I looked at 2 pieces and decided I could cut out the center section of one. I then used a jeweler's hammer and bench block to pound it flat. 

I've seen many ways to add tissue paper to book covers and frames on the internet. So I used the knowledge of them to create my version here. Thanks to all those who post these tutorials.

I tore up a sheet of plain gift tissue paper and started adding it to the box in small sections with Soft Matte Gel. Just have fun and make sure you get it all covered and stuck down well.

When it's dry, add a coat of Heavy White Gesso. This will seal it and let you add paints or inks and keep the color true.

I started with Distress Stain, but when it dried I didn't like how flat the color was, so I used a mixture of Brown Umber Acrylic paint and Acrylic Glaze to make the next layer a bit brighter and shinier. The Stain is not permanent so it will blend into the glaze. It's OK, it'll work.

This dried a darker and richer color, but I wanted more contrast, so I brought out the Inka Golds to add some more shine. Here I used the Green Yellow and Gold on the tops. I really created a great contrast.

I had some plastic corners in my stash that I painted black. Then I added them with 3D Matte Gel that I applied with a pick.

This shows the antique brass door pull I added to the end of the drawer with brads. You can stuff some ivory tulle into the drawer and add a few treasures, vintage keys, a button hook, etc, to save or give as a gift.

I've had several vintage brass labels for years. They're very heavy and really beautiful. I wanted to use one as the base.

First I flattened the large silver Flower with the hammer and spot glued it to the plate with 3D Gel. Then I wrapped brass 22 gauge wire around the two to secure the flower. The large brass Flower with the center cut out was added with 3D Gel.

The crystal glass dome was glued to the vintage picture and trimmed. I sealed the back of the picture with Gel to keep it from warping when you add it to the collage. When dry, add a dollop of Gel to the back of the dome. Glue this to the box and add the Special Screws over the holes in the brass plate. Then let it dry over night. That 3D Gel is amazing!!! It's solid.

The "Journey" Mechanical was added as-is; it was perfect the way it was. The last thing I did was add some more Inka Gold to the edges of the box and the corners to make them pop a bit more.

I hope you've enjoyed this little "Journey" with me. Be sure to check out the links below. As always let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. I'm here to serve!

Your Friend in ART,

Products Used:
Prima-Art Basics-Soft Matte Gel
Prima-Art Basics-Heavy White Gesso
Prima-Art Basics-3D Matte Gel
Prima-Junkyard Findings-Special Screws
Prima-Mechanicals-Plate and Label
Prima-Vintage Mechanicals-Large Flowers

Other Products Used:
White Paper Mache Slider Box-3x5 inches
Viva-Inka Gold-GreenYellow and Gold
DecoArt-Acrylic Paint-Burnt Umber
Golden-Satin Acrylic Glazing Medium
1" Crystal Glass Dome
22 Gauge Brass Wire
Graphic45-Antique Brass Door Pull
Collections-Vintage Photo
White Tissue Paper
Antique Corners
Vintage Brass Label Plate


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Absolutely gorgeous . Adore how,you have showcased the image in the centre of the metal elements. Wonderful texture. Tracy x

Carole Dion said...

Very pretty, love the background gorgeous!!

Createology said...

You have me swooning over this lovely piece of HeART. I love what you create. Creative Bliss...

teri reed said...

Just great work Linda and I loved the Journey❤️

Kathy Bradley said...

What a gorgeous project. I love the textures, colors and metals. I have not seen tissue applied that way - but it adds awesome texture!

Moon Depinoy said...

Sublime bravo

Beth Norman said...

What a stunning project. I love the torn tissue effect. The gold colour is so rich and yummy.

Linda Brown said...

So beautiful!!! x

Sue Balawajder said...

Wow,wow,wow,I like everything about this.It is beautiful.

Win Dinn said...

This is absolutely stunning...I love it all from top to bottom. Rich, tactile and complex - yummmmmmmmmm.

Linda M. Cain said...

Thank you so much, my talented friend!

Linda M. Cain said...

You are too sweet! Thx.

Joi at RR said...

Well, Linda - I left a message on the Finnabair site and said this looks like something you would find in a high end mansion. After I was done I thought - you silly willy - what other kind of mansion is there but high end!!!!?????? Nevertheless... I was trying to say... THIS IS FABULOUS. So elegant and rich and stunning. It just has the look about it that makes you think you will get in trouble if you touch it. LOVE your creation bunches. j.

JackieP Neal said...

Linda, this is exquisite!! I absolutely adore your work on this- beautiful!!xo

Marjie Kemper said...

Love it! The texture.... YUM.... and the framed photo is a crowning touch.