Monday, April 6, 2015

Retro Cafe Art Feathers All Dressed Up!

It's been awhile, we've been doing a Kitchen Re-Make and it takes a great deal of time and thought....I'm glad to see light at the end of the tunnel.

But Spring has finally arrived, the birds are all a-twitter, and Feathers are on my mind.

When I saw Kristin's laser-cut Feathers I knew I had to play with them. They are so beautifully designed!!!

Find them here at:

This one is probably my favorite, but I love them all.

I start with a base-coating the chipboard with Heavy White Gesso. I paint a whole batch of pieces at one time to make it easier later.

Then I add layers of paint made by mixing Finnabair's Soft Gloss Gel with her gorgeous Mica Powders. 

 I start with dipping my brush into the Gel and then picking up the Power from the jar with the brush. Mix them on your craft sheet or a piece of left-over packaging. It dries rather quickly, so I only do one color at a time. 

You can add more than one layer and blend colors.

Here you see how I added colors over the top of others and outlined the Feathers with a black Sharpie pen to create contrast and make the colors they say.

I wanted to try my Finn's Glass Glitter on one of the Feathers, so I brushed on more Gel and sprinkled different colors of Glitter, one color at a time, onto the Feather. I think it turned out pretty cool!

The Feathers come in different sizes and can be cut from Masonite and chipboard. So check out the links and get to work!!!


Products from RCAG:
Finnabair-Art Basics-Heavy White Gesso
Finnabair-Art Basics - Soft Gloss Gel
Finnabair-Art Ingredients -  Mica Powder - Copper, Teal, Purple, Blue, and Pink.
Finnabair-Art Ingredients - Glass Glitter - Midnight Blue, Violet, Pitch Black, and Velvet. 


barbarayaya62 said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! Love this feather! IT's incredible! wonderful work!!!BArbarayaya

Lizzy Hill said...

These are delicious!I really like the shine of the paints....& that glittered up one..... YUM!!!!

Pamellia Johnson said...

Gorgeous Linda! Everything is so sparkly and shimmery, what an amazing rainbow of colour! Love!! :)

Kathy Bradley said...

Absolutely gorgeous - I like them all - the colors are awesome - wonderful work, Linda! Thanks for sharing.

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

So stunning! You know my favorite is the GLITTER feather! Yum!

teri reed said...

Glad your kitchen is almost done, we've missed you!! Great work❤️❤️❤️

Kathie said...

So beautiful! I love how these turned out!

Kathy Eddy said...

Gorgeous! In a word or less. Wow, such vibrant colors too.