Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Artiscape was WONDERFUL!

 I had such a great time with Judy Hauffe and Jo Warner at Artiscape this past week. Everything was perfect...the food, the classes, the hotel, the shopping, the people....PERFECT.

I finally met friends from social media and rekindled old friendships. I am worn out from all the good times, but ready to use my new inspirations. 

I've already shared these pics on FB, but had to write up a bit about the weekend to share here.

This is from my classes with the incomprable Jen Crossley from Australia. Jen and I "met" through a swap in 2005 and have continued our long-distance friendship for years. I FINALLY got to meet her in person and it was a friendship made in heaven.

This is what I made in her fabulous classes...2 brooches and an etched book that is still in progress, but I absolutely love the cover I shared here.

The theme of Artiscape this year was Paris, and each guest received this lovely Eiffel Tower at their dinner table. Too cool!  

This is the gorgeous brooch, that I am now extremely proud to own, designed and created by Jen Crossley. She is sooooooooo talented. If you ever get the chance to take her class you will not be disappointed. She is as brilliant as she is fun! Just an an amazing human being.

LOVE her to pieces!

She brings out the CRAZY in everyone!

 Always "on" and never, ever, boring! I cannot say enough good things about this fabulous lady....well, maybe lady was laying it on a bit thick....just kidding...she's a HOOT!

This is from my Transfer Technique class with Serena Barton. I learned so much and really love how these 2 transfers on 9x12 canvas board turned out. Take her classes when you can, she is amazing!

And this is a piece I made in Rose Huart's calligraphy class. The fluid technique was really fun and not intimidating. Must try more of these!

So if you get the chance to go next year to Artiscape or take classes with these Artist's in the future I think you'll be amazed.

Thanks again to Judy and Jo for letting me tag along, it was a fabulous trip!

Hugs to all,



Helen said...

It sounds a fantastic time, with some beautiful art made. It is somehow magical to finally meet someone you've "known" virtually for years and get on as well for real. Glad you had such a great weekend.

Linda M. Cain said...

Thanks do much Helen. I could sleep for 24 hours!

Jackie PN said...

Good for you Linda!! I really wanted to go to Artiscape this year- but it came and went to fast for me!I was fortunate enough to take an online class with Jen and also meet her in person- you are spot on with every description- what a fab woman and artist!!
Your pieces are Amazing!!! So cool to learn new things! Thanks for sharing-
Now go to sleep!! xo

Lori said...

I've been to that, and it is a good time. Judy is a sweetheart. Glad you had fun, and your projects are fabulous!!!

Kirsten said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time & your projects are gorgeous.

Seth said...

Sounds great. And I know from first hand experience what a hoot Jen Crossley is. She is one special person!

Linda M. Cain said...

Jen is definitely one of a kind!

jo said...

Loved the theme and the entertainment this year! Fun was had by all!