Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Britta - A Collaged Tag

Sometimes it seems like too large an create a Journal spread, or a scrapbook page, or canvas wall hanging.
But we can all make a tag....seriously....we can ALL make a tag. If you don't like the first background.....IT'S JUST A PIECE OF PAPER!!!
Throw it away, and start over. You can DO it. Remember - Just a piece of paper.

 I'll try to take you through it step by step. You can stop at any point where you think you've had enough. It's your project, make it however YOU like.
That's what I always told the students in my class. Don't copy me, make it your own. You bought the supplies, make something that makes YOU happy.

 This is a piece of 12x12 Corona paper from Finnabair and a #10 Manila tag.

Pretty simple.

 I added Soft Matte Gel to the back of the tag and glued it to the section of the paper I liked. Trim around the edges and use black thread to add some stitching in different parts of the tag. Leave your end threads long and uncut.

I ran out of tread and found this happy accident made some fun holes in the tag. Embrace your mistakes.

 I used some Cobalt Turquoise Golden Fluid Acrylic and Modeling Paste to mix up some color to use with the Honeycomb stencil.

  Add the paste randomly in spots with a palette knife.

 When dry, add Vintage Variety Lace and Doily, Fishnet, and Sunrise Sunset #2 stamps with Sepia and Jet Black Archival Inks.

 I also used the the Harlequin stencil and the white modeling paste. When it dried, I sprayed Dylusion sprays in various bright colors and water to let them run. Fun! 

 The water really makes a difference in making the colors run.

  I used Mechanicals and several were painted with the Heavy White Gesso.  When dry I sand off the top layers of Gesso to let you see the silver or, as on the flowers, gold metal underneath. Polish with a soft cloth to make them shine.

The Roman Numeral and Number are gessoed and dusted with a bit of Gold Metallic Archival Ink and a small brush.

The Linen Ribbon has been brushed with Soft Matte Gel and sprinkled with Antique Silver and White Art Sugar.

You can see the Mechanical Tassel is perfect with the Clasp hanging from the double bow.

This shows the Medium Flowers painted with Gesso and a Bottle Cap loaded with Glass Beads. The tiny paper flower was dipped in White Art Sugar.

You can also see that I added white and black pens as a layer.

Laying the piece out with a button and a key clip lets me see where something else is needed.

Out came the pearls, a snap, and the alcohol it or leave it. The choice is yours.

I used Perfect Labels, a Small Clockface, Medium Flowers, Mini Flowers, Washers #1, Sunrise Sunset Button, Star Brads, and Mini Numbers. I sprinkled some Junkyard Findings here and there, too. I layer my tags onto black mat board for stability.

The lovely little lady is ...Miss Britta. Love her to pieces!

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 And another cool note, Retro Cafe Art Gallery here in the States now carries several of these great products!!



Claudine Criner said...

Wow! This is nothing short of amazing, I love your aesthetic!!

Anneke said...

This is gorgeous. Thanks for letting me see how you made it. Very inspiring Anneke.

Carol said...

GORGEOUS love it and thanks for the "how to" guide have a lovely evening :)

Belinda Basson said...

yum, yum, the colours and all the textures. Great layering. I need to try this on a bigger a journal cos I can do the tag, have done tags, but my journal stays very blank cos it is a big surface to cover!

Linda M. Cain said...

It's always my pleasure to share the steps along the way and feel free to ask questions whenever needed.

Linda M. Cain said...

Thanks so much Carol!

Linda M. Cain said...

Sometimes adding a tag to your journal is fun, too? Good luck.

Linda M. Cain said...

Bless your heart, Claudine.

Marjie Kemper said...

Fantastic, Linda.... so rich and yummy!

finnabair said...

Linda - fantastic project and great post - i love the final look:) Thank you very much!

Linda M. Cain said...

Thanks Ania!

Lori said...

How freakin' cool!! I love the colors, stamping, everything!!! What a beautiful girl!!

Linda M. Cain said...

You know I love ya, girl! Thanks!

Riikka Kovasin said...

Love the colors and the textures! I always admire people who are able to pull out the whole rainbow in a project so splendidly!