Friday, August 1, 2014

Bohemian Santos Cage Doll

Hi everybody! It's time for another

This is one of my favorite pieces...and it's the
Don't you just LOVE this bright and colorful lady???

I only used ONE stamp on the entire piece on her arms with Sepia Archival Ink. This is a gorgeous  Sunrise Sunset stamp from Ania Dabrowska that is tiny and works perfectly on small areas you want to have delicate detail.

It blended in with the paper design perfectly.
Speaking of paper.....this is almost all PAPER.
I adore this gorgeous collection from Graphic45 called Bohemian Bazaar. The color combinations just knock your socks off.
Bill always says he likes the pieces I make that have COLOR. "Now I like that, I like that bright color." So, there ya go.
The other pieces I used from RCAG were the Sunburst Halo Cut-Outs behind her head, some tiny stars painted blue from the Star Mix Cut-Outs, and the Santos Doll Head Paper Cuts II for the face. I did cut her down a bit just because I could....

 As almost always, I started by basecoating parts of the Masonite pieces in the kit.  Here I used Fresco Paints Bora Bora and South Pacific on top of Snowflake. I basecoated everything with Snowflake and then decided to cover most of it up with paper....planning, right???
The skirt did take a couple of coats of paint to get it real white.

This is how I lay out my pieces of paper before I start to glue. Use a few colors of Distress Inks on the edges of your papers to create shadows.

The Stars are done with Haystack, Autumn Fire and a touch of London Bus.
I like the way the colors blend and create patterns when you use foam squares to apply the paints. I don't go for perfection here. I like the splotchy effect it brings to the pieces.

This lets you see the inside of the box before it gets glued together with just a small amount of white glue.
The Wand is one of the little pieces I added because I just thought she needed something in her hands. It's from the Witch Wands set that also has Spider Wands, and are on sale right now....Halloween is coming, people. Get them while they're HOT!
(I think Kristin is thinking about a Tombstone maybe you just might NEED some Spider Wands for your projects...I'm just sayin')

The 2 little Frames and the Heart are a part of the ATC Box kit. The contrasting colors make them stand out with a few pen dots around them. Easy Peasy.
Note the difference it makes by adding the White Sharpie pen marks to the stars and borders. The colors POP.
The bodice and the skirt are pieces of the Bohemian papers. This pad is 8x8 so the patterns are smaller and perfect for smaller projects. I just cut them out....and glued them on.
I was thrilled at the way the paints and papers worked out. They were a perfect combination for this Santos Art Doll.
Check out the links along the way here, and have a great Weekend!
Just one more thing...Emma was here for a few days and she painted and designed this Crown using the Large Regal Stencil Border for herself. It's 2 of the larger cut-outs painted and stapled together. We stapled because it would be stronger and easier to size.
I think she did a GREAT job, and the design is all hers, believe me, she has a mind of her own when it comes to STYLE!



Penny Nuttall said...

This is wonderful! I love the colours and the shapes. Just wish I could get my hands on some of these Retro Cafe Art kits here.
Best regards, Penny.

Theresa said...

wow. Just gorgeous!!

LOC said...

Another beautiful creation Linda. I've tried your method but I just cant decorate before I glue. Love the paper and the completed project.

Lisa H said...

I love it!!! You make the coolest stuff Linda. =)

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

GORGEOUS colors and a perfect selection of paper/images! I love all the step out photos. I love seeing how your brilliant mind works! xo

Linda Manning Findley said...

wonderful Linda as all of your art is ... really enjoy your eye candy ...