Monday, July 1, 2013

Stars and Stripes - A 4th of July Tag

It's July already....and here in the States that means the 4th is very close.
This is a tag I made to celebrate and honor our heritage.
I'm so happy to share the tutorial for this tag over on the Ranger blog today.  
 Happy Canada Day to all my friends up know who you are!
And one more thing...Shelly Hickox aka the Stamptramp had a great tip today, Bloglovin should help relieve the pain of following your favorite blogs, since the Blog Reader is gone.
I also thought I'd pay tribute to my personal hero, my husband Bill, or William Frank as he's called around here. 

This is his Navy picture from many years ago.
We recently took a terrific trip with friends to Chicago. Once there we boarded an Architectural River Cruise along the Chicago River.
If you have the chance, do no miss this. The Narrator, a volunteer, never stopped with the information on the 90 minute cruise. HE WAS AMAZING! The facts and the history he shared with us was above and beyond belief!
These are just a couple of pictures I took on the cruise. The old.....

....and the new. Mr. Trump's building.

All the bridges have different styled towers. I found them as interesting as the buildings.
It was overcast all day. But this shot of the skyline was quite striking with the colors.

This was my favorite shot of the day. As you round the curve in the River, you see the reflections of the buildings in the windows of the curved building across the way. Click and enlarge it to see the magic!
It's even more impressive in person.
Then the Sailor and I went out to Navy Pier for a wonderful dinner. He was stationed up at Great Lakes Naval Base for basic training.
So, that's it for today.
Take a jump over to the Ranger Blog for my tutorial and have a safe and happy 4th of July.
Bill and Linda


Fran Elliott said...

Great entry Lin..

Jess B. said...

Welcome! I was born and raised in Chicago. I hope you really enjoyed yourselves. Great card and wonderful memory to be shard. TFS

Anita Houston said...

Awesome tag! Happy Independence Day to you! Love Chicago...great place...thanks for sharing!