Monday, March 4, 2013

Adore House From Red Lead

 This is going to be a Red Lead post. Sharon and Chris sent me a whole box of wonderful goodies last month and I've finally gotten some time to give them justice.
So here we go!
will be used on the top.
I base coated the flower, the frame, the house and the flourish using Snowflake Fresco Paint and a Cut-n-Dry foam square.

 Next I used Beach Hut all over it again. Then I added South Pacific all around the edges as a shadow.

 I wanted contrast, so with a dry-brush technique only using the foam, I added streaks of Guacamole to the edges and down the middle trying to keep them straight.

 I placed the Swirly Leaves Stencil over the house.

 Then I added Irish Cream Fresco paint with the foam pad. The 2 wooden pieces had Autumn Fire and Smoked Paprika and a touch of Brown Shed painted on them.

 The next part is so cool!!! I stamped the Vintage Butterfly background stamp 2 times with Jet Black Archival Ink. I LOVE this stamp!!!!!

 Then I painted in the butterflies with a brush and Smoked Paprika paint. This paint is a Translucent paint so the stamping shows is BRILLIANT!!!!!!
When it's dry, stamp the flowers from the Vintage Sewing Lesson collection using the Opaque paint Snowflake. Since it's opaque, it covers the underlying colors. Ya gotta love this paint!

 I cut a piece of black chipboard the size of the frame and glued my Vintage Photo to it. This picture comes with the frame so it's PERFECT!  Then glue the chipboard to the frame. This makes it studier to work with and less chance of the photo buckling if you glued directly to the house.
 I like to layer my pieces onto black chipboard. It creates a framed look. So just use a ruler and draw about 1/4 " around the house and cut it out. Glue together with a sturdy glue.

I decided not to use the flourish. I just didn't need it. But the flower was stamped first with the Rose Tea Cup stamp and Coffee Archival Ink. I wanted more color, so I added the Button stamp from the Vintage Sewing Lesson set on each one of the petals using Jet Black ink.
The Patina Dragonfly was sanded using the Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block and polished to make the raised areas shine. I bent the wings upward a bit and glued him to the flower with a strong glue. I use Crafter's Pick - the never fails me.

I loved layering the paint and ink to make this background. It really is hard to cover it up sometimes.
Come back again and I'll share some more projects with you, and thanks so much for all the sweet comments. They let me know I'm not just talking to myself!


Helen said...

I love this Linda! So many details and such gorgeous colour. The dragonfly is fabulous.

She said...

Morning Linda. Love this, it's gorgeous. Thanks for the step by step.....S x

Anonymous said...

Very, very beutiful, Linda - love it!
Greetings from France - Sally

Martha Richardson said...

Fabulous all the layering!

Karenliz said...

Beautiful! I love all the layers in the background.

Bonnie Irvine said...

The background on this piece is amazing. Each layer adds so much texture and depth and you could have stopped at each stage...I'm so glad you didn't though. The combination of all of these layers is quite spectacular. The black chipboard backing really makes the colours pop. The flower and dragonfly are a delightful bit of whimsy...more gorgeous Fresco paints and stamping. Thanks for the inspiration. No wonder the girl in the photo looks so content...her home is lovely :)

SusanK said...

I tried counting the layers you created and gave up. The piece is simply stunning. Can you ever have too many layers, especially if they're translucent?

linda said...

Love this Linda - the layers are just amazing!

Kate said...

Your background is incredible! I thought it was patterned paper because of all the detail and vibrant color. The butterflies are my favorite along with that vintage girl! Beautiful, Linda!

Lori said...

I'm getting a definite vibe that you like the Fresco paints.. lol...this is such a cool piece..I absolutely love what you did with the butterfly stamp!

Marjie Kemper said...

Ooooooh! I adore THIS. And thanks to your bad influence, I now own several fresco paints :-)

Mo said...

Love this. Thanks for sharing all your steps, esp. for the background.It's beautiful, Linda. I can't wait to try it myself. And yes, just like Marjie, I'm collecting Fresco paints. Cold we all tale a quic trip to England to visit Leandra and Dyan? With some shopping of course :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, so beautiful!

Anita Houston said...

That background is amazing! You should design papers! Cool and gorgeous piece of Art!

Kay Wallace said...

I am in awe of that butterfly background, Linda! Totally awesome! That dragonfly is a very close second! I haven't made tags in quite awhile, but a inspired to find my "blanks" and try my luck again! ;-)

Seth said...

Sensational Linda. And thanks so much for taking the time to show us the process step by step. A lot of work!!